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             29 November, 2020

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10 Common Mistakes Made in Purchase of Real Estate

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2012-05-16 05:10:59     
Article by Asma A Mohiuddin

Purchasing real estate property is a big decision that must be taken with care. However, many people make mistakes when purchasing property. These mistakes are irreversible and can have dire consequences. However, they can be avoided easily by being careful about certain things. Some of the common mistakes people make when purchasing real estate are mentioned below.

Mistake 1: Not Taking Help from an Estate Agent

Many people avoid taking help from estate agents to save on commission. What they do not realize is that these people are professionals and know a lot more about the property in the area or region than common people. Thus, they can help buyers in finding the most suitable property. Moreover, they can negotiate better and get the best deal for buyers.

Mistake 2: Taking Help from a Wrong Agent

Choosing an inexperienced or incompetent agent can lead to great losses for the buyer. Thus, its best to research on various agents and reading the comments of their previous client's before hiring them. Another great way to find a good agent is by asking friends or family members for referrals.

Mistake 3: Choosing the Wrong Location or Neighborhood

Many people do not consider location or neighborhood when buying a property. They therefore, end up choosing locations or neighborhoods that are not suitable for them. Thus, making a list of priorities and needs with regards to location before starting the search for a suitable property is highly recommended.

Mistake 4: Paying Too Much

Many people pay too much for a property as they are not aware of the prices in the local real estate market. This happens especially when the buyers are from another area or region. Therefore, it is good practice to compare property prices in the region before choosing one. An agent can be quite helpful in this matter.

Mistake 5: Buying the Property without Proper Inspection

Many people feel that they can detect problems with a property on their own. However, professional inspection is a must when buying property. This can help the buyer in avoiding huge costs later on.

Mistake 6: Borrowing Too Much for the Purchase

Many people borrow too much for property purchase and then have difficulty in paying the loan installments and interest. Thus, working out a budget before taking a loan is advisable.

Mistake 7: Not Getting Pre-Approval before Starting the Hunt

Pre-Approval helps people determine their financial standing. They can thus, choose the houses that are affordable for them and avoid looking at those that are out of their reach.

Mistake 8: Being Hasty and Letting Emotions Rule the Decision

Many people get emotional and close the deal in haste. However, they should understand that property purchase is a big decision and should not be taken in haste. It should be taken rationally instead of emotionally.

Mistake 9: Not Reading the Contract Properly

It is common to get confused by the complex contract document. Moreover, in their haste to get everything done, people sign the contract without going through it properly. However, it is essential to read the contract carefully to know everything involved. If something is not clear, the seller, agent or an attorney should be asked.

Mistake 10: Buying a Property without Title Insurance

Title insurance gives protection to homeowners from any loss occurring due to property purchase. It can protect buyers against things like title frauds and unknown title defects.

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