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             19 June, 2021

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Know How a Drum Pump can help Save Electricity and Money

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2012-04-07 02:00:51     
Article by Steve Soper

On a busy day, handling chance liquid spills and water logging can be a tedious task. Besides, the day to day operations at industries and workshops does require a mechanism that can efficiently suck up waste water, tramp oil, coolant, sludge, chips, hydraulic oil, and other liquids. A drum pump is a great way to meet such requirements as works instantaneously and is powered simply with compressed air. Over all, this product is a maintenance free system that can be used to keep your premises free of spills and waste water logging.

A simple mechanism for great results
This pump works on a rather simple principle. It can be attached to any closed head drum. Once it is securely attached, the knob on the pump needs to be turned counter clockwise. As the knob is turned, high powered vacuum fills the drum in a minute or two. Now that the vacuum is filled, the drum is ready for operation—all you need to do is simply turn the knob clockwise and the drum starts working. You even have the option of controlling the flow rate of the liquid using a flow regulator or a shutoff valve. Alternatively, you could also use the knob to manage the desired flow rate.

The benefits of using a drum pump
Of course, there are several alternatives for tackling liquid spills. But a drum-based pump is the best alternative because it is neither electrically powered nor is it battery driven. It just needs compressed air to function. Besides, electrically powered vacuum systems tend to wear out after a short while. On the contrary, a drum based pump does not comprise a motor that will wear out. It also does not have impellers or any other moving parts that will clog or deteriorate.

There are certain companies that make drum pumps with a built-in safety feature that automatically works to prevent spills or overfilling. Of course, care should be taken to use the pump with a drum that is thick enough.

Apart from handling liquid spills, there might be requirements such as spot cooling and process cooling. For such requirements, a vortex tube cooler is the best option. These tubes are available in small and medium sizes and they are made with the best materials to ensure that no corrosion or oxidation takes place. It is a great tool to save costs.

Similarly, there are several tools available to purge and cool electronic or electrical enclosures. These can be cooled with the help of a cabinet cooler that uses only filtered air for added efficiency.

Most companies that manufacture vortex tube also have the ability to meet your requirements relating to cabinet cooler. Over all, with a drum-based pump, you can expect maintenance-free system that will add to the operational efficiency on your workshop, site or facility. It is one of the most energy efficient and cost efficient systems that you can invest in. There are standard and custom options in drum pumps, so you can choose what suits you best. You can use the drum pump for coolant sumps, lathes, pits, screw machines, machining centers, food processing, floor cleanup, tanks, EDM machines and basement flood/restoration.

URL: http://www.stream-tek.com
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