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             20 March, 2023

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Concrete silica fume and people’s living environment

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2012-03-15 02:38:02     
Article by irene lin

The living environment is a concept put forth in the late 20th century. It marks that the human attitudes towards nature has shifted fundamentally. The core of the living environment is human. Living environment is to meet the need for human habitation. Living environment is closely related to building materials. The progress of construction materials improves the living environment of mankind and its performance affects the quality of living environment. Development and use of the excellent new material an important aspect for human to rational solve the problems of survival and development. It will achieve the purpose of harmony with nature and symbiosis with environment.

Silica fume is a highly reactive material developed in nearly 20 years. Because of the nature of ash and particles fill function, it has been widely used as a concrete admixture. Silica fume, also known as silica fume, silica dust or silica, is the industrial production of ferrosilicon and silicon metal dust, which is the reduction reaction occurs and generated by the electric arc furnace in high purity quartz with coke in the smelting of silicon, ferro alloys . At present, the application of silicon powder is mixed with concrete for the silica fume concrete. Silica fume concrete has been applied in many countries, played an important role in the construction of the living environment.

Human survival and development can not be separated from the housing structure. The development of high-rise buildings also promote the development of structural materials, people put forward higher requirements for the performance of structural materials, due to load-bearing walls and other structural requirements, in addition to the high work-givers, in the practical application of structural materials with high the strength and durability. The high-strength concrete which a wide range of applications as a structural material. For the preparation of strength over 100 MPa concrete, the use of silica fume is almost indispensable to the Silica fume concrete is an excellent refractory material is very suitable for use in high-rise buildings. Thus, the silica fume concrete, promising as a high performance structural materials in the construction of high-rise buildings.

As a natural attributes and social attributes of human, but also require a certain amount of traffic environment to meet contacts and exchanges with each other. In cold regions, coastal and offshore concrete structures, in addition subjected to freezing and thawing, is also affected by wet and dry effect of the tides, and subjected to the impact of sea spray, this part of the boron powder concrete is the most easily damaged. Silica fume admixture as a preparation of high performance concrete materials, role in addressing these diseases is particularly significant. Silica fume concrete in transportation construction is very broad, and has increasingly become indispensable to a transportation construction project materials, and its promising future applications.

The living environment is based on natural environment. People's production and living, as well as specific living environment-building activities are inseparable from a wider range of natural background. The development of eco-cement concrete has become an important way for achieving the sustainable development of living environment and nature. When adding silica fume in the ordinary portland cement, large volume f industrial byproducts and waste materials can be used as mineral admixtures. The mechanism of action of silica fume concrete and waste is the composite action between the silica fume with a variety of grinding manganese powder mineral admixture, and cementitious materials pozzolanic effect, an increase of the chemical interaction between the particles in the system, induced excitation of thereby increasing the chemical activity of the powder and the large volume of waste. Thus, the silica fume concrete is to improve the natural environment, and promote an effective way of human settlements development environment and the natural environment coordination.

Silica fume concrete is playing an increasingly important role in construction of the human’s living environment, it is a top priority for human settlement construction to vigorously develop the mechanism of silica fume concrete and further research and discuss on silica fume concrete.

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