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             01 February, 2023

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Hardness Tester for Accurate Tension, Compression and Hardness Testing

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2012-03-08 00:56:47     
Article by Markjohn12

From metals to rubbers to textiles to food items to construction materials, the need for a hardness tester arises in wide-ranging sectors. In order to further process or utilize different materials, it is vital to know parameters such as their tension, compression and hardness. For such requirements, one can use specially made machines that help determine the resistance of materials. Under normal circumstances, the more resistance an object shows, the harder it is considered to be.

While purchasing a material testing machine, it is important to invest in a product that's efficient and cost effective at the same time. Luckily, there are certain reputable brands in the market that offer computer-controlled closed loop hardness testing machines. By carrying out some basic ground research, it is possible to find affordable US manufactured closed loop testers that meet ASTM E18, ISO 6508 specifications. In addition, purchasing a tester that meets National Institute of Standards and Technology recommendations is a vital part too.

Another important aspect that you shouldn't forget to check while purchasing a hardness testing machine is whether it comes standard with a direct certification of the hardware calibration with NIST traceability. And since you will be making a significant investment in such a machine, look out for a factory one-year indirect calibration for your required hardness testing scales. This ensures that you can put the tester into operation without the hassles of separate on-site calibration which is often time consuming. Besides, this also reduces your dependence on assistance from your manufacturer.

Following are some other advantages of a hardness tester bought from a reputable brand:

It does not have any pivot points, dead weights and knife edges that might move out of adjustment or alignment. So you could easily move the hardness testing machine from one place to another without having to re-calibrate it all over again.

There are certain manufacturers that will also give you an optional mobile stand along with the hardness testing machine. So once you mount your machine on this stand, you can easily transport it from one location to another.

A good testing machine should comprise a wide range of scales. Typically you could expect 15 regular scales and 15 superficial scales. Machines that measure force via load cells should be preferred as they provide accurate results.

Buying a hardness tester from a noted manufacturer also gives you other advantages such as excellent display resolution, excellent parts clamping device and varied vertical and throat capacities.

While this is just an overview of the features, talking to your manufacturer about your desired Material Testing requirements will help you get a deeper perspective about the best machine for you. Leading hardness tester manufacturing brands have an online presence and you could contact them through their websites.

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