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Network Marketing - 4 Easy Ways You Can Use Articles to Boost Your Sponsorship

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2006-10-30 04:46:52     
Article by Sean Mize

Articles are a great way to drive fresh, prequalified prospects to your network marketing sales page. Why?

The people who read your articles and click through to learn more will have significantly more interest in your network marketing opportunity than some poor chap you cornered on the street corner or blasted with an email, or called him from a list.

So how do you do it?

1) Write articles about the product your network marketing company offers. Just introductory articles about the general product or class of products, not necessarily your brand. At the end of the article, in the bio, use these words: to learn more about (your product) , click here:

2) Write articles about network marketing and its virtues. At the end of the article, your call to action can read: to learn more about a network marketing company that works well for me, click here:

3) Include your articles in your autoresponder email campaign to potential recruits. They will see that you are about more than just selling some soap or weight loss pill and develop a trust in you.

4) Include your articles on your web site as a question and answer section that helps give new recruit’s the necessary information to get started right.

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