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             02 March, 2021

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Automotive industry brings opportunities for the development of powder metallurgy products

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2012-02-01 01:31:26     
Article by Irene

Since 2000, China's auto industry has continuous growth. In 2003, China produced and sold 4.44 million cars. The car ownership is 24.21 million. China has become the world's fourth major producer of cars. It is about 5.3 million car sales in 2004. In 2006, the number is 6.9 million. 2008 has 8.4 million cars and it is 9.8 million in 2010. Now the world's car production 40 million, of which China will account for 2.5 million cars. Stable at around 12 million motorcycles, household appliances stabilized at around 40 million units, power tools, stable at 80 million sets. Especially the automobile industry will continue to develop products for the powder metallurgy industry is a big opportunity.

Powder metallurgy products in China more than 700 companies, has established a number of well-equipped, technologically advanced, long-term experience in the metal powder supplier for automobile, the average per car in China in 2005 using powder metallurgy parts required to achieve 4 kilograms. However, due to automotive powder metallurgy parts, high accuracy, technical difficulties, China and the United States, Europe, Japan, the automobile is still a gap compared to powder metallurgy parts. As in 2002, the United States each car using the powder metallurgy 17.7 kg, 8.3 kg each in Europe, Japan, each 7.3 kg. Of particular note is that the North American powder metallurgy parts in the automobile industry on the application of more than 70% of total production, 80% in Europe and Japan accounted for 83%. And China in 2003 was only 24%. China's leading car joint venture in the design, application of powder metallurgy parts per car is also the total weight of about 6 kg.

Powder metallurgy products, the proportion of total production in automotive applications, although powder metallurgy products industry represents an important measure of the level of data, but more important are the ability to develop new products and major gaps. For example: Powder forging engine connecting rod, a successful study abroad in 1976. Japan's high-volume applications in 1981, the German powder forging connecting rod in the 1980s in the compressor industry have been applied. 1986 in Germany at the world powder metallurgy congress, not only on display in the exhibition hall national product, and hung out a large drawing board, draw a car which has a large flip chart and pointed out that parts of powder metallurgy products. Summary of the countries have to develop a product used in the automobile metal powder industry was successful in the automotive map out more than 120 parts of the product, using hundreds of powder metallurgy parts can be used. And in the technical report clearly stated: powder forged connecting rods are 80 years of technological advances in powder metallurgy, a representative of the product. Powder forged connecting rods of high alloy components by thermal densification process to improve the mechanical strength. Moreover, due to the unique alloy powder particle material microstructure refinement, with the development of resistance to micro-cracks, can work to improve the fatigue strength of components. Therefore, the car than it is now used in the superiority of forged steel connecting rods, and its strength should increase by 10% than that, this means that you can reduce vehicle weight. Is not used powder forged connecting rod is forged connecting rods replace the general, but to improve the level of that component in improving the level of car, and can reduce automobile fuel consumption and less. The United States last century soon to open up the application and promotion, to 1995, Ford has been loading 25 million powders forging connecting rod. Buick series car engine connecting rod each weight to 514 grams of powder metallurgy parts in the engine 14 species, 55 the total weight of 8.9 kg / units, in the gearbox in 12 species, 12 of 4.3 kg / sets, more than 26 species, 67 and 13.2 kg / vehicle, if the success of domestic production of these components, can greatly improve the car's total weight of powder metallurgy products and improve the applications level. There automotive camshafts and engine valve seat with a wear-corrosion resistance and other important products are all to be speeding up the development.

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