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How To Write An Article - Easy Guidelines For Article Structure

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2012-01-12 01:05:41     
Article by Gerald Hall

Articles can bring in massive amounts of traffic if produced with effective marketing strategies. However, articles that are not targeted or relevant to your reader's interests will never turn into sales. Each and every article you write needs to serve a specific purpose and speak out to your viewers. Learning how to write an article that captivates your readers will improve not only your sales, but your online identity as well.

When you put content on the web you are speaking as an expert on the subject. People are searching for your articles seeking answers to their questions. If you can give them something useful they are more likely to visit your site and possibly make a sale.

Here is a sample of how to write an article:

Introduction- Use your opening paragraph to grab the reader's attention. This is where you will state the purpose of your article. Tell them what you want to tell them. Use your keyword phrase here for SEO and relevance.

The Body- Here you answer or give solutions and tips for the problem in the introduction. Give helpful tips or steps the reader should take to see improvement.

The content of your articles body should be broken up. For the most part paragraphs should be no longer than 2-3 sentences. This helps the reader scan through the text to see if this is what they are looking for.

Through out the content make use of bullet points or sub headings where you can. This again helps the reader establish that this is what they are searching for and makes the article more visually appealing.

Conclusion- This is where you recap what you just explained and how it will benefit the reader. Give a call to action like "be sure to use..." or "I'm sure next time you..." Make it fit with the content in your resource box

Authors Bio Box- This is where you give a strong call to action for the reader to visit your site for more information, reviews or to join your newsletter.

Those who know how to write an article effectively get visitors to their sites and sales in their accounts. Quality content is just as important as structure for articles and must be taken seriously. Learn about your topic until you know it like the back of your hand and deliver your message to the world.

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