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             24 October, 2020

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The Benefits Of Roll Forming

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2011-12-13 05:00:11     
Article by jett day

Roll forming is a process in which strips of metal, usually in coil form, is continuously passed through a series of roller dies and progressively formed to the desired shape. In many cases roll forming eliminates multiple stage production, sub-assembly and finishing operations. Any number of subassembly operations can be continuously combined in the operation. Like all cold forming processes, roll forming work hardens the part (increases the tensile strength) by producing a grain structure that follows the contour of the part and does not produce scrap.

Even though thread rolling is the most common type of roll form, other applications include forming of knurls, grooves, chamfers, pointing, radii, etc. In these rolling processes however, generally the displaced material is restricted and/or elongated while holding the original blank diameter.

The cost and product advantages of this process are numerous. It permits consistent adherence to close tolerances, producing shapes and dimensions to fit your application. By eliminating the need for secondary operations such as notching and deburring, production speed is increased and assembly costs are reduced. Roll-formed material generally has a structural strength advantage over other processes. Hollow or semi-hollow shapes can be produced with thinner walls than competing processes. Material cost savings, improved part strength, consistent quality and reduced manufacturing costs are supplemental to the benefits already derived on the cold formed blank.

Roll forming is the most economical choice for many companies that look to streamline their production and reduce overall cost. The high-speed continuous nature of roll forming is especially beneficial for large volumes. An experienced custom roll former will incorporate a number of secondary operations in one line. Savings are realized through the need for fewer component parts, fewer post-production operations and reduced manufacturing cost.

An experienced roll former can guide you through the early planning stages providing the benefit of years of experience in design and engineering. Several stages of redesign may occur in order to trim costs and simplify production and assembly. A custom roll former can deliver finished shapes, cut to exact length for assembly in your production. This frees up valuable manufacturing space in your plant and completely eliminates scrap loss. By eliminating secondary operations, labor costs are also greatly reduced.

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