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             20 October, 2021

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Advantages of Selecting Quality Die Cutting Services Explained

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2011-12-07 01:36:19     
Article by Alisha Green

Ever so often in industrial parlance, you might hear the term ‘die cutting services’. For the uninitiated this term is used for a variety of industrial cutting processes. More specifically, this type of service entails cutting out large quantities of a particular shape from a single material. These materials could range from plastics to metals to wood, glass and even cloth. This service comes in especially handy for large scale manufacturing operations. This service is increasingly being used not only by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) but also by smaller local industries. Other industries like home décor and automobile also depend on these services.

The die cutting services explained
To begin with, this process involves creation of dies or mould like substances. Very sharp blades are then used to cut the material into different shapes as per the requirement. Usually the material that needs to be cut is flattened out onto a large surface and a machine with sharp blades is then pressed onto the material. This is how the cutting service is executed. The sharpness of the blades is determined by the material to be cut. For instance cutting rubber will be a rather easy task as compared to cutting a metal sheet. In the layman’s terms, this process can be equated to a cookie cutting process. Once each of these separate pieces is cut out, they can be used in making a variety of objects.

The shapes and sizes of cutting can be altered by making new dies. In industries this service is used for producing threaded rods. For more complex shapes, one or more dies are combined and the cutting process takes place simultaneously. This process is also especially used in the luxury leather products segment where each leather component needs to be perfect.
Plastics are extensively cut using die cutting processes. However, die cutting is most effective when it comes to cutting out flat shapes. For the two or three dimensional products such as nylon threaded rod other molding and shaping technologies need to be used.

What are the commonly used materials for die cutting?
Right from bulk products to smaller lots, die cutting has demonstrated excellent results. It can be used to cut out components from materials such as glass laminates, paper, specialty papers, fabrics, leather, Teflon, nylon, polycarbonate, PVC among other materials. Using this process, components such as gaskets, washers, insulators, spacers, discs, bushings and circles can be produced. For other components such as, other types of processes show better results. So is the case with nylon based products such as nylon plastic rods.

Leading die cutting services providers can be found on the internet by running a search on the internet. All of these components can be produced as per the required specifications.

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