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             06 December, 2023

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Challenges For an Online Photoshop Clipping Path Artist

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2011-12-05 01:57:03     
Article by Atiqur Sumon

The confidence and will to work in the graphic field is natural. It is such a creative turf that beckons inquisitive minds. One needs a Dreamweaver to help and advice. One of the best ways is to become a trainee. Join an offshore photo-processing firm where many techniques can be mastered on different programs. This is the best way to fill up the knowledge gaps between the training in institute and having actual experience. To separate from the crowd, learning how to maximize potential to use Photoshop clipping path is the key to a flick start to the career as an online editor.

There are so many amazing things one can perform with this technique-like cut outs, which are so common. Why do some clipping path cut outs give the impression of being shabby and some look so neat? The trick is to fill the knowledge gap. Observe how the veteran editor does the digital edit. How he achieves the good quality cut out depends on the kind of Photoshop clipping path used. Look at two images of the same cut out. One looks sharper than the other. This is because one editor uses vector method, which tends to provide sharper lines. If the software is in Photoshop program then the Bezier curves will be used. The other programs that also can be used are InDesign and Quark Xpress. Also remember the image needs to be in an EPS file for best results.

How does Photoshop clipping path work for the cutouts?
A vector shape is sketched around the subject area. This tracing is then saved in the program in the form of a file format. When the editor has to work on them only the ones with the traced clipping paths will appear. Several times, a trainee will find that the best way to do the cut out is to use the magic wand. Yes it is a quick fix, but then it is not as refined as the Photoshop clipping path technique. Sometimes one needs to go the extra mile to get unique results. To do something other than what the crowd does, the path needs changing. The vector path created in Photoshop is more accurate compared to the one done by the magic wand. It is quite apparent when the two images are seen. This is just one advice unfolding on screen for the new comer. For more such challenges, and to apply different techniques of Photoshop clipping path consider even browsing some candid tutorials. This is another sure shot way to stick out with a decent portfolio.

There are many other ways of applying the Photoshop clipping path. The program has extensive other ways to give high quality editing results. But train with a veteran to know where the simple, medium, advanced or complex paths are needed. Each is a study in contrast as skills improve over a period of time. Learning will help all new comers to emerge with their own pioneering efforts.

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