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             20 May, 2022

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Time To Play - Mr. Anderson

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2006-10-29 02:44:49     
Article by Max Pow

Ever since the first Matrix I’ve been hooked, I love it. I love the action, I love the confusing yet somehow very realistic storyline and now … I love the game!

Tis true you can spend about £20 on a Playstation 2 Matrix game which after completion can collect dust for you nicely at the bottom of your wardrobe. Or if you like spending no money and having just about as much fun as on a trampoline with unlimited custard pies. I recommend playing this online game.

The game is called “Bullet Time Fighting”. Basically you’re Neo and you have to kill the agent or agents depending on how good you think you are. You can do really cool stuff on this very simple game, switch between gun and hand mode. Either shoot Mr Smith to smithereens or karate kick him into the next millennium. You can slow time down in what they call “bullet time” and do all sorts of cool stuff which can really only be appreciated in slow motion. Or super slow motion for the less adventurous players out there.

You can even configure your keyboard and play a friend, that’s right a game as cool as the sun is toasty can be played with your mates at the same time, It's multiplayer.

How ever you play this game, its freaking awesome. I found it through Google and thought wow what an amazing game and set about getting this on my site. And here it is if you, fancy showing Mr.Smith who is The One.

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