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Language Learning Approaches: Better Approaches For Faster Learning

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2011-11-24 01:16:42     
Article by Douglas James

The language learning approach refers to the approaches that need to be applied to view the nature of the language, its beliefs and the ideas about how these can be applied practically so as to ease the language learning and teaching process.

There are different approaches as applied by different people for language learning process but the approach that you take to learning a language largely depends on the beliefs that have for language learning, your personality and learning style and the approach or program that you find most suitable. Some of these approaches are discussed as below:

1. The Grammar i?? Translation approach: formerly being used to teaching Latin and Greek this approach has now been generalized for learning modern languages. Here the importance is given to grammar and elaborate explanations are given. Reading of difficult texts is started quite early in the course of study.

2. Direct approach: here more importance is given to the integration of more use of the target language. Here the native language is not used but the target language is used directly. There is no translation and grammar is taught with the rules generalized. A little culture associate with the target language is also taught.

3. The Reading Approach: this approach is very helpful for those who do not travel to other countries and for them reading is the skill by which they learn a second language. Here the priority is to study the language first and being able to read and then move on to the study of the country where the language is spoken. Great importance is given to reading and attention to pronunciation and conversational skill is minimal.

4. The audiolingual Method: this approach is related to the principles of behavior psychology.
Many principles and procedures of the direct method are adapted in this approach. This approach is based on the fact that language learning is a habit and therefore it depends on mimicry, learning of the set phrases and structures. Grammar is taught inductively in this approach and vocabulary is limited and learned in the text. There is abundant use of aids like tapes, visual aids and language laboratories.

5. The Community Language Learning: this approach uses the counseling techniques to ease the anxiety of learning a second language, in addition to helping the learner learn the language. The counselor maintains a cordial and healthy relationship with the client, here the student to ease him of the threat or confusion regarding the language.

6. The Silent Approach: this language learning approach makes use of verbal commands and set of colored rods in order to avoid the use of the vernacular, create simple linguistic situations, generate a game-like situation, provide support of perception and action and provide spontaneous speech over some duration.

7. The Functional-Notional Approach: in this language learning approach the emphasis is on breaking the global concept of the language in terms of communicative situations as per their usage. It also stresses on the organizing of a language syllabus and finding means to do so.

8. Total Physical Response Approach: this approach is defined as the approach that combines the information and skill by the use of the kinesthetic sensory system. By this method learning is accentuated at a rapid rate. Learning is motivated because the learner is given adequate time to speak the language as per his readiness and comfort.

Therefore these are the various language learning approaches that can be used. However the best approach is the one that best suits you.

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