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             28 June, 2022

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In Buying Precious Metals and Stones and Costume Jewellery Online

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2011-11-18 22:35:12     
Article by Estella Perkins

There are ways to test the genuineness of precious metals and stones you own. Because these precious metals and stones such as silver, gold and platinum are all in the periodic table, it means they can be tested just like the way chemists perform experiments on them. If you want to check if your jewellery is fake or not, you can experiment with the tips given in this article.

Precious metals and stones made in certain places have an obligatory hallmarking procedure. These are markings that signify the jewellery's authenticity such as number of carat or a letter stamp with a date. However, there are some real precious metals and stones that do not have such markings, especially those made in the United States. You can use a magnifying glass to look for the markings.

Another test is to check if your precious metals and stones can be magnetized. If they can, these are fake. Precious metals and stones such as silver, gold and platinum, cannot be magnetized at all.

You can also try bending your precious metals and stones. Genuine ones that are thin are flexible. If the metal under the plating of your pieces can be filed easily, these are real. If they cannot, this means these are not authentic.

If you are the type of person who loves costume jewellery instead, you should know the right tips on how to buy them. The advantage of costume jewellery is that they are not expensive and they come in different colors, shapes and sizes to complement various outfits. There are those that look expensive but are very cheap. Buying costume jewellery online is now the trend.

When you look for costume jewellery online, look for those that are of high quality. Make sure they are strong and stable and they have stones that shine brightly. Their plating must also be smooth. Ensure the weight of the pieces you are interested in is specified on the website where they are sold. Costume jewellery online that are heavy means they are of good quality.

When you consider buying costume jewellery online, make sure you have the clothes that will go well with them. Assess each piece based on color, shape, size and design so that when you wear them, you will look good and well-coordinated. A simple dress can look elegant with the right costume jewellery online. Look for pieces that have diamond chips so that they sparkle when you wear them.

There is also vintage costume jewellery online that has a great imitation of precious stones and metals. These are very hard to find in shops nowadays. Try scouting for them in department stores and boutiques. You can also try discount stores and costume jewellery online auctions. There are also rummage sales, garage sales, and second hand shops that have such vintage costume jewellery.

Buying jewellery, whether genuine or fake, is entirely up to the kind of personality you have. There are those who are comfortable with costume jewellery and there are those who are not. Whatever your choice is, be they fake or precious metals and stones, the important thing is you buy something you really like.

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