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             06 December, 2023

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The Best Sights For Astronomy

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2006-06-13 22:48:23     
Article by Anne Noonan

What are the best sights for astronomy? That's hard to say. There is so much out there that the determination of what are the best sights for astronomy probably requires you to do some advance study and decide for yourself what you'd like to learn about.

There are a couple of very helpful books that can guide you through a determination of what are the best views for astronomy.

A new beginner or intermediate handbook for stargazers is the "Guide to Stars and Planets" by Patrick Moore. This accomplished astronomer has concisely gathered reference information on the night sky that details the best views for astronomy. It looks at the moon as well as the various constellations. You'll find charts, photographs and maps that have been garnered through study with earth bound and space telescopes. The best areas for astronomy are laid out in this book as well as some guidance on how you're going to take a look at the best views for astronomy yourself.

Here you'll find guidance on what telescope to buy, how to set up an observatory for yourself as home and how to become a good amateur astronomer. Details about the perfect sights for astronomy include information on the moon, our sun, the various planets, the debris found in the solar system, a myriad number of stars, the various galaxies we know about, the constellations, and comets, asteroids, meteors and eclipses that humans have noted and photographed in the past.

The best sights for astronomy have been highlighted in the book, including important features in the moon and the stars we've studied extensively.

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