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             21 October, 2021

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Optimize Your Bandwidth to Enjoy Maximum Website Throughput

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2011-11-14 21:40:37     
Article by Michael Guilfoyle

Many of the small or medium-scale webmasters may be wondering about selecting a right sharing hosting package, which will maximize their online presence as well as minimize investments. A couple of significant configurations to look for are the space and bandwidth of hosting package. In order to avoid an additional cost spent on advanced packages, one can optimize utilization of bandwidth available in basic packages and get the best out of it. You can follow a systematic process as I have presented here to optimize bandwidth.

Analyse Bandwidth requirements for your website
Collect all data related to the daily traffic trend for all pages of our domain using Google Analytics or similar traffic analysis tools. Calculate size of each page and compute bandwidth requirement by multiplying the size of pages and traffic pattern of each. This will give you a fair estimate of bandwidth requirements for the website. Try to compare this estimate with the data received from your hosting company.

Unknown Bandwidth Usage!
There may be a surprise factor waiting for many webmasters who notice a sharp deviation of bandwidth usage from the estimate. Hot linking is the main culprit behind this abnormal deviation. It is a process by which someonetries to steal your content and publish on their website by automated tools and scripts. You can easily avoid this scenario by defining proper access methods in .htaccess file of your website. Limited access to your website will restrict or block other sites from stealing your content. If your website is offering downloads bots may consume your bandwidth by initiating automated downloads. Use captcha verification codes to prevent bots from downloading the files.

Optimize your Website
Many ingredients which may add flavour to you website like graphics, sounds and videos consume space and bandwidth. Avoid unnecessary flash animation and graphic entities in your website to minimize space and optimize bandwidth. Use compressed image formats like jpeg to reduce the memory occupied by images. Compress all your CSS files using compressing tools to remove unnecessary breaks and spaces within the CSS files. Apply GZIP compression for PHP file to condense its content. Where ever applicable, replace table tag with div tags Add brief comments in most required places only. Be selective with your wordpress plugins, especially the one which claims to be SEO friendly may occupy more space.

Restrict Website Visitors
This may sound peculiar for webmasters who put lot of efforts in building traffic. However, analyse the bouncing visits for your site and adapt suitable techniques to allow targeted visitors in most inner pages of our site. This is achieved by using login forms at goal conversion levels of your website.

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