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             21 October, 2020

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Increase The Value Of Your Home By Adding An Outdoor Pond

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2011-11-12 19:15:46     
Article by James Taste

While looking at properties for sale online, I noticed one particular thing that keeps coming up. Same lot area and same house built but some of the houses were given a much higher price. Looking more at the specifics of the house being sold, I saw the difference. They had an outdoor pond within the lot area. I thought to myself that this would be a great idea if I would like to increase the value of my property if I ever intend on selling.

Not only that these ponds give better value to your property; they also give better aesthetics and over all look to your home. Most people I know that owns an outdoor pond are from the Chinese and Japanese ethnicity. They even have ponds inside or around their business establishments. It is said that the sound of running water soothes and calms the mind and is a great stress reliever for anyone who appreciates nature.

Now, in setting up a pond, it might look too much work or very tedious to do. At first it would look like it is impossible especially if you have seen others’ ponds and have a good idea on how you would like your pond to look like. Well, just like how I learned, it is just like what they say it is, it is a piece of cake. The key is creating a simple one at first then adding up the extras just like a cake. Fountains, plantations, etc is to ponds as flowers, icings, etc is to cakes.

Depending on the size and location of your property, you have to decide on where to place it and how big you want to build it. If you have trees within your property, it is best to have the pond built away from it or have a significant distance from it. I believe ponds hate fallen leaves. It destroys the water levels and is a mess in cleaning as well.

Now that you have an idea on where to place your pond, you should start digging. Start early since this will probably be the only exhausting part you will do. You can dig shallow by digging 3 feet or if you are thinking big pond, they you might as well dig 5 feet. These are general ideas since this article is not about how to create a pond.

I forgot to tell you that in building a pond, you would need some cash for it. You will need some equipment like a water pump in your pond. Try asking first at your local stores for details and prices, then check online shops, online sellers, or even eBay for the same to get a better grasp on the value for money of the product. When you have the basics setup, you can add plants, fountains, and even statues. These are great additions to make your pond more appealing. You can also add tables, chairs, and umbrellas near it for a regular outdoor picnic for your family and guests.

Everything is all setup. The added value of the outdoor pond to your property outweighs the costs you have incurred in building one. You should just make sure to maintain your pond by regularly cleaning and checking the condition of the water if you have plants and fish in it.

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