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             10 June, 2023

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Water Damage in the Basement – What You Can Do

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2011-11-11 20:55:30     
Article by Stephen Hall

They are most often due to factors like leaking water tanks and softeners, broken or frozen pipes or damaged pressure tanks, but there are many other potential causes. Getting water damage fixed immediately is important in order to solve the problem before the damage gets any worse.

Whatever circumstances the water damage situation in your basement creates, your immediate concern should be removing as much water as possible. For smaller floods, you can accomplish this manually using mops or with wet/dry vacuums. Afterwards, you can ask your insurance company for a full picture of what may be covered. In most instances, water damage cases are not included unless you have a mechanical failure such as a sump pump failure.

Another concern to think about with your water damage in the basement is the real possibility of molds that might develop on surfaces. Mold problems are more difficult to fix and can be hazardous. There have even been cases of fatal respiratory disease due to black mold. Taking the necessary steps to prevent it from gaining a foothold in your basement, or anywhere inside your house will prevent the need for costly and difficult mold clean up later.

The key here is addressing your basement’s water and humidity problems quickly. Mold can start to manifest within forty-eight hours given the right conditions, in this case if your basement remains wet for a long enough time. Removing water quickly and drying the whole area using fans or dehumidifiers is the best way to prevent mold.

For small leaks you can handle the problem yourself with minimal costs, however for larger cases of flooding you should contemplate hiring qualified water damage remediation companies since they have the proper training and the right equipment to most effectively deal with the problem. Your insurance provider can help by providing recommendations for available services within your area.

If your water damage problem in the basement was the result of leaks and failures in your pipe and water tank systems (water pressure and heater tanks), you should hire professional plumbing services to address the root of the problem as well as dealing with the flooding. Repairing the flood damage will do little good if you do not address the plumbing problems to prevent it from happening again. The total charges will include the water removal process itself, the daily rent for the high-velocity drying fans and commercial humidifiers as well as the cost to repair the leaks or failures in your water tank systems. Whatever the case is, a quick call to reputable water damage repair company is usually the best solution to your problems.

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