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             07 May, 2021

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Why Is Image Stitching Important Feature For Editing?

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2011-11-09 23:23:28     
Article by Atiqur Sumon

What exactly is image stitching?
There have been several appearances of number of pictures spread out like playing cards, or in piles where they can be seen altogether. The earlier versions were crude composite shots called a montage. Now this montage has become more innovative. A series of photos can be attached seamlessly to give it a single composite look. It looks fantastic and best of all the stitches are never seen. It looks like a complete photo by itself. How this magic is created with a group of pictures shot together? It is definitely not easy, as it requires some kind of expertise on behalf of the editor to achieve maxim results. Photoshop has a beautiful program that has several kinds of features to tack, stitch and bind any number of pictures. It is almost like the versatile Swiss army knife that can do wonders in any set up. It also comes with remarkable results that can elicit compliments. Photographers, ad agencies, web stores, print media campaigns and e-commerce clients can use this feature effectively.

What are the best examples of image stitching?
While choosing this fancy feature of Photoshop, a photographer is briefed in advance to take the number of shots needed. For example the creative director of the ad agency will ask the lens man to shoot some digital panoramic shots for a particular campaign. The images will be shot in high resolution so that they can be scaled while image editing. A real wide-angle shot of the subject (it could be a landscape, store, cityscape, anything at all) will do the trick for creating a fabulous dramatic effect. To know how to bring the right pieces of the pictures, the graphic editor needs to have a good knowledge of perspective angles. This will aid in making the most authentic composition. He should also be able to handle distortion of the wide angle if any. He will need to ensure that the pixel points of each picture used are seamlessly used. Stitching all the shots can be complex; hence the deadlines have to be flexible. This is not an urgent work that can be done in 30 minutes. When all the identical pictures have been aligned, the editor can start his work. The angle and the final perspective have to be kept in mind before embarking on the edit. This will involve shifting and recreating the horizon line so that it does not appear distorted. Control points might have to manually handle to get a seamless look. The entire landscape can be cropped to the right size and dimensions required by the brief. Manual or automatic blending is used at this stage to make it appear like one picture.

Image stitching involves a lot of overlapping of the pictures. If the final concept is clear to the client then the editor can perform the job with easy. The layers that are created will also be labeled to avoid confusion. Opacity and soft brush will also help in meeting the targeted result.

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