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             20 October, 2021

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How To Make Handcrafted Jewelry Truly Personal

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2011-10-18 21:29:32     
Article by DesignJewelry

There are many ways to make handmade jewelry, but you want to make sure that it expresses personality. Whether you are making it for yourself or a friend, you want to implement style and preference into it so that it is not just a remarkable handmade necklace but also something that will turn heads.

Take a look at some of the different pieces of jewelry that you like and consider why it is that you like them. Is it the bright colors, the intricate design or the elegant feel that draws you attention in? Each piece of handcrafted jewelry that you wear should say something about your sense of style and who you are.

You can make your own jewelry as personal as possible by selecting quality products as well as paying close attention to the details. It’s more than just implementing favorite colors. The design should say something a little deeper. Consider the gems that you are going to use. Will they be glass or plastic? Is there a particular reason why you are choosing one over the other? A glass gem will attract more light and make it overall more visible and eye appealing.

Now look at the strands. Are you choosing pearls? Hammered beads? Metal? All of these are options but you want to pick something that is classy and fits the personality of the person you are making it for. If you are a very quiet, reserved person, then you aren’t going to want loud colors and bold statements on your handmade necklace, no matter how cool it is. It won’t fit your style and therefore it won’t be worn. You want to pay special attention to this when it comes to gift giving.

Start with a piece of paper and a pen. Write down a few adjectives that describe the person – they can be anything. If it’s for you, you might even want to have someone else come up with the adjectives. Now – take those words and translate them into designs. Will it be a charm that has a cross on it or beads of black and white? Having these words will make sure you stay within the right theme as you shop for supplies.

Style is personal. People want to wear something that represents them but also looks good. You need to keep this in mind as you design your handcrafted jewelry.

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