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             23 May, 2022

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Pain free and affordable Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry NYC

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2011-10-17 22:16:52     
Article by dentalcarenyc

An affordable and exclusive makeover is desired by all and Cosmetic Dentistry NYC has fulfilled this dream for many New Yorkers, by reasonably priced and result-oriented methods that not only improve the functioning of overall mouth but also enhance the value to have a shimmering smile.

Among various options available, the most widely used cosmetic procedures are teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, contouring or teeth reshaping, dental implants, braces, enamel reshaping, gum lifting, etc. The dentist, depending upon the condition of teeth may suggest one or combination of such procedures. In contrast to traditional dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is a wider term that consists:
• Smile makeovers: The foremost purpose of this cosmetic surgery is to enhance the appearance of a smile using procedures like teeth whitening, dental implants and more.
• Complete mouth reconstruction: Absolute mouth reconstruction procedure includes resolving problems related to gums, teeth, muscles and bones.
• Bonding: Restoration of broken or chipped teeth using enamel like material is termed as bonding. It also helps in filling gaps between the teeth.
• Teeth whitening: This is the most widely used cosmetic procedure that helps to treat stained and dirty teeth, to convert them into whiter & brighter looking teeth.

Locating and then deciding the best cosmetic dentist is a mind-numbing job that needs to be executed efficiently before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. One should always consult and enquire about various dentists available in the residing region and should visit one who has maximum positive feedback in his account. When visiting any cosmetic dentist, one must enquire on:

• The process of treatment and discuss the desired result.
• The anticipated time of recovery after the treatment
• The chances of complications and recovery from them
• Previous patient’s photos, who was treated for similar cosmetic dentistry procedure
• The charges and availability to pay in installments

Problem free and shining teeth provide a confident smile, which in turn reflects person’s appealing personality thereby helping them in socializing more in the community.

The gap between teeth, especially between the upper front ones can make anyone displeased in certain situations. Nowadays, there are various procedures to fill those gaps permanently and the results would definitely help in enhancing ones self-esteem. Dental treatments and cosmetic procedures performed in Cosmetic Dentistry NYC are mostly pain free and give just a little discomfort for a short period.

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