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             26 January, 2021

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Medical Grade Keyboards for Operations in Sterile Environments

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2011-10-04 21:25:08     
Article by Fiona Devista

When it comes to any gadget or appliance that is required to be used in the medical field, only two things matter—safety and reliability. That is precisely why the use of medical grade keyboards is gaining so much important in hospitals and medical care centers. In today’s scenario where energy efficiency is the buzzword, having a product makes use of electricity or power wisely is a plus point. Just like electrical appliances with a green dot play an important role in hospitals today, computing devices are increasingly integral to every medical procedure—right from surgeries to life support.

That is where the need for well-designed medical grade keyboards comes in. Because data entry is important in any scenario—be it hospitals or anywhere else. Having a good medical grade keyboard makes computing easy in the most demanding situations.

Following are some qualities that you should look out for in a good medical use keyboard:

* Safety: In sterile environments, sometimes the keyboard itself could become a source of contamination because it might a gather dust and bacteria. Hence it is important that such keyboards have features such as a while silicon boot and a white enclosure that helps spot any speckles of dust or contaminants on the surface of the keyboard.
* Durability: Things can get rather critical in a hospital scenario. Hence it is important that a medical grade keyboard should be made in a manner that it can endure the most challenging environments. They need to be sealed, rugged and be able to function just as well in harsh as well as wet or damp conditions.
* Water resistance: It is important that a medical grade keyboard should be resistant to different kinds of liquids. Spillage is a serious possibility because medical practitioners are dealing with various kinds of liquids. Sometime, liquids might also lead to other serious situations such as a short circuit. So it is imperative to ensure that you are opting only for the best quality keyboards.
* Responsiveness: A medical grade keyboard should also have highly responsive keys. In an emergency situation, one would not like to spend time feeding in data through a slow or unresponsive keyboard. Ideally, industrial keyboards that have molded silicone keys with quick tactile response and gold contacts are a safe choice to make.

Hence, it becomes very important for hospitals and medical practitioners to choose a medical grade keyboard that will not act as a carrier of contaminants. While choosing a keyboard, it is advisable to do research online to locate the best and most trusted supplier of medical or industrial use keyboards.

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