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             21 April, 2021

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Tips to Find the Best Magnetic Pump to Suit Your Needs

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2011-10-04 21:17:48     
Article by Angela Smith

A magnetic pump is basically a seal-less variety of pump that uses a magnetic coupling to create a static shaft seal. The presence of a magnetic force aligns the outer magnet and the inner magnet through a stationary containment shell. In this set-up, the outer magnet is known as the drive magnet and the inner magnet is known as the driven magnet. This kind of a mechanism nullifies the prospective problems caused by packing or failure of the mechanical seal.

Such a pump is especially useful when the task entails the use of hazardous liquids like acids, corrosive liquids or caustics. These pumps are also suitable for flammable liquids such as alcohol, spirit or fuels (such as petrol, diesel and kerosene). In fact, perfume industries also make extensive use of these pumps to transport perfumes from one place to another. Such pumps leave no chance of seal leakages. This is also why industries such as pharmaceuticals are increasingly making use of a magnetic pump. These pumps minimize the risk of seal leakages and hence they are used in heat transfer fluids as well.

Such pumps are also ideal for those places where one needs to maintain the highest housekeeping standards and seal leakages cannot be an option. In addition to these benefits, such pumps also give an added advantage of low life cycle costs as compared to a magnetic drive gear pump. These pumps are used for a variety of liquids ranging from acids to concrete to liquid metal to coolants. In short, they are suitable for the more tough to handle liquids such which might be combustible, corrosive, high on the viscosity factor, liquids with extreme temperatures etc.

Magnetic pumps come in two different varieties: rotating driven shaft and stationary shaft. The former incorporates metal parts and also include a pressurized re-circulation circuit that helps prevent vaporization of the lubricant needed to grease the moving parts. The latter usually do not incorporate metals but make use of plastic and ceramic components instead. These are most suitable for a low to medium load application. Pumps with non-metallic parts such as ceramics are suitable for consistent handling of salt water and other caustic materials as they do not corrode.

Worth a mention here is the variety of API-610 Pumps which are meant for very heavy duty applications and are most preferred pumps in the petrochemical industry. They are called so because they adhere to the API standard 610.

When you are ordering your magnetic pump, make sure that you tell the manufacturer or supplier to provide you with a pump that meets your requirement on criteria such as the discharge flow, discharge pressure, inlet size, discharge size, media temperatures among other things. The DC powered pumps can operate on powers ranging from 6 to 32 volts. If you are dealing with the petroleum, petrochemical or gas industry process service, you can opt for the API-610 pumps.

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