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             05 March, 2021

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How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help To Improve Your Smile

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2011-09-30 21:39:32     
Article by abhishekcis

If you want to create a long-lasting impression on someone, a beautiful and white smile can help you significantly. A welcoming smile has been proven to create great, strong friendships. Your smile can leave an impression on someone that can make a huge impact on how they think of you. Smiling not only shows your initial reaction to something but it can also express your true feelings.

Everyone wants to look beautiful and a great smile can add a lot of character to your looks. Some people, however, may have imperfections with their teeth and it makes them nervous to show people their true self with their natural smile. These defects could be an alignment issue, stained or yellow teeth, or chipped teeth. For a beautiful smile and for treatment for these dental problems, it is recommended that you contact a cosmetic dentist or restorative dentist as soon as possible to help you.

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dentistry that is designed to help improve the appearance of teeth. With all of the new technologies available in the dental industry, getting a beautiful smile has never been so easy or affordable!

Cosmetic dentists at a dental office can provide you and your family with:

1.Teeth whitening - Many people who have yellow or stained teeth go to a cosmetic dentist at a dental office and get treatments that help to whiten their smile. Modern day teeth whitening procedures are usually done in two separate dental office visits. In the first visit, a mold is made of your teeth to create plastic trays. In the second visit, the trays are fitted for comfort and then given to you to wear overnight. The trays will contain special whitening chemicals.

2.Porcelain veneers - To improve your smile, cosmetic dentists frequently use porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are made out of a material that is usually ceramic. They can be matched to your other teeth's color, shape and sometimes even size to make a perfect, natural-looking smile. Porcelain veneers are used to reshape your teeth and smile to look more beautiful.

3.Dental implants - If a person is missing teeth or has teeth that cannot be repaired, cosmetic dentists can use dental implants to cover the effected tooth area. These implants are inserted in the upper or lower jaw to restore smiles. Dental implants can help to restore: an individual's confidence in their smile, chewing, speech digestion, facial contours. They can also help with supporting a bridge or denture and can even replace missing teeth.

4.Tooth contouring - Cosmetic dentists use the design of artificially created teeth to create a design for a tooth you may have that is a bit off or has an uneven shape. A dentist will remove some of the enamel surface to match the artificial tooth.

5.Orthodontics – Orthodontics help to fix abnormalities in the jaw, bite, and teeth structure. At one point they were only seen in children but they are now being seen in individuals of all ages.

6.Composite fillings – If you are suffering from cavities or gum infections, composite fillings are the best treatment used to repair extensive damage done by repetitve cavities, chipped teeth, worn teeth, or spaces between teeth. Composite fillings can generally be placed and set in only one visit to the dental office.

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