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             22 January, 2021

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How Tutoring Science Can Help Students Overcome Test Anxiety

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2011-09-30 21:32:55     
Article by Eric Ross

Sometimes just the word “test” can get students terrified. As a tutor, if you prepare the student well before he or she takes the test it can alleviate a lot of the anxiety. Early preparation is the key to building confidence by allowing the student to see what he or she can accomplish. Following are some suggestions for tutors that may help take the panic out of taking a test in Science.

1. If possible, inform the parents that the sooner tutoring begins before a test, the more successful the student will be. It will give the tutor a chance to assess the student and determine if the student understands the subject matter and is properly doing the in-class exercises and homework. Does the student have difficulty keeping up with the assignments? If so, before the test, make sure you focus the tutoring based on the student’s specific needs.

2. Also, before the test, make sure that the student is interested in the subject matter. If science does not interest the student, assist the student with simple and safe experiments that would interest the student and keep his memory sharp for the upcoming test. An example could be if the student is studying acidity, do an experiment to show the change in acidity with household items such as vinegar, lemon juice, compared to basic solutions such as soap and baking soda. There are several books containing experiments for children of all ages.

3. It is helpful to have the student repeat what he has learned as if he were teaching you the subject. That is especially important when doing online tutoring so that you make sure that the student is following the lesson. The more the student repeats the subject the more apt he is to remember it on the test.

4. During the last tutoring session before the test, go over each chapter and hit the points that the student finds most difficult. Emphasize the student’s weakness in each chapter and go over those thoroughly with the students answering any questions as you go. Those points will be fresh in the student’s mind and he can effortlessly recall them for the test.

5. Prepare a short pre-test to show the student that he or she does know the material and can be successful on the actual test.

Tutoring science is a big responsibility because we are creating future engineers, doctors and scientists. At the earliest stage we get to encourage the students to fulfill their dreams.

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