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Editing Digital Photos Professionally With Clipping Path Techniques

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2011-09-28 21:40:47     
Article by Atiqur Sumon

Growing skills and adapting to new applications mark the difference between the amateur and professionals in the competitive graphic industry. The advertising agencies, fashion photographers and print media involve manipulation of many images for maximum effect on consumers. They are constantly challenging the graphic editors to be more creative in making pictures more salable. Many kinds of applications regularly are introduced to help professionals to take up the challenge. Of all the tools clipping path techniques are the most versatile and handy. All image editing solutions for agencies, photographers and newspapers can be outsourced to online graphic editing suites. It ensures quick and quality delivery, and is quite affordable.

The clipping path process is complex but for a professional it is an everyday job. The pen tool, which is in Photoshop software is handy in first removing the main object of the image. This means an alternative backdrop is introduced. When the isolated object is added to this new setting, it adds a new layer to the composition. The eraser or the pen tool is then used again to adjust the object to its new background. If need be color correction is also done. If that does not work, then a quick mask can be used. The entire process is a trail, till the client oks the final image. The beauty of most clipping path techniques is that the original image is not distorted in any way. No pixel is removed and a brand new image emerges from the creative process.

The new line digital cameras have made it more flexible for image editors to work with speed. It brings alive an image with other image effects like drop shadow if the lighting has not been adequate in the actual photography. Several life-like posters, catalogues, brochures and double spreads are made for customers associated with media. This technology has made the entire work of photography more perfect. When clients see each other’s websites, which are technically perfect, then they also are inspired to approach professionals to edit their digital images. A customer need not despair if the images are not uniform in format. A professional editor can work wonderfully in any format. He can skillfully mask the bad elements of an old worn photo also. For him the knowledge of clipping path techniques is the most important to be in business. His entire graphic designing career depends on how well he can stimulate the senses with the final results. Having skills in the use of image manipulation, use of text-graphics, isolating objects, hair masking, and background removal are critical to do a specialized job. A certified editor knows the basic, medium, advanced clipping path tools. He knows when to use which tool for enhancing the image.
Editing digital photos professionally with multiple clipping path techniques for better results is the main aim for both the designer and the customer. Both are dependent on each other for survival. In the cutthroat competition, those who are able to attract buyers with sharper images win.

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