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             23 January, 2021

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What Are The Options For Learning English Online?

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2011-09-27 21:19:06     
Article by Dennis Nelson

There are several options for English speaking online training. There are programs that work simply via e-mail, chat rooms, or instant messaging, and others go all out with full video conferencing. Each has their pros and cons, but generally those that utilize video are the most effective and easy to learn from. There are several reasons for this, including that it is usually easier to learn from someone when you can see them. To take it a step further, those that use full video conferencing, such as Skype, are even more effective as they allow for interaction between the instructor and the students. In this way, the instructor is able to hear the progress, or lack thereof, being made, and adjust teaching accordingly.

The programs that utilize only the written word are not really conducive to learning any language. Learning a language has so many more aspects that what is written. It is heard, seen, and felt. The most obvious is that it is heard. It is almost impossible to learn a language without being able to hear the instructor. Any decent English speaking online training with utilize audio at a minimum. This frees the student from having to guess if they are reading the pronunciation correctly, allowing them to know what the goal is.

Yes, learning a language is visual as well. Being able to see how the mouth is shaped and how the tongue is placed is a great help when learning a language. The best English speaking online training programs utilize video for just this purpose. However, there are a couple of different ways this is done. The most common way before very recently was through videos. The student watched the instructor teach on a pre- recorded video. This allowed for all of the advantages of a visual instructor, but did not allow for interaction such as asking questions and feedback.

This is why English speaking online training that utilizes programs such as Skype is so much more effective than its predecessors. Using a webcam, the teacher and student can see each other and interact much as though they are in the same room. The teacher can show the student how to shape the mouth and place tongue, and actually see if it is being done correctly. They can also hear if the words are being pronounced correctly, and adjust instruction as necessary. This type of feedback is priceless when learning English online.

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