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             15 January, 2021

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5 Tips for Better Catch and Release Fishing

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2011-08-26 23:23:54     
Article by Jay Bryce

Catch and release is a practice within recreational fishing intended as a technique of conservation. After capture, the fish are unhooked and returned to the water before experiencing serious exhaustion or injury.

Effective catch and release fishing techniques avoid excessive fish fighting and handling times, avoid damage to fish skin, scale and slime layers by nets, dry hands and dry surfaces.

1. Artificial lures (swimming plugs, surface poppers, jigs, etc.) are often rigged with multiple treble hooks. One disadvantage of these lures is that a fish struggling to escape capture will often hook itself with the remaining treble hooks, leading to additional injury. Anglers should try to use lures with a single hook if possible, or replace treble hooks with steel hooks (not stainless), or reduce the number of treble hooks on the lure. Bend the barbs down.

2. Bait fishing is a popular technique, however the baited hook is often swallowed by the fish so that the hook is deeply imbedded in the stomach ("gut"). To reduce "gut hooking" a fish, anglers should set the hook immediately before the bait can be completely swallowed, or use a "circle" hook. When a fish is "gut hooked" the best solution is to cut the line as close to the hook eye as possible. This helps to prevent severe damage to the fish's internal organs, which can occur while trying to remove a hook. If the hook is not stainless steel, it will eventually corrode due to the fish's stomach acids used in digestion. Please bend the barbs of hook down.

3. Fishing tools used in hook removal can be extremely useful. Tools including needle nose pliers, hemostats, hook degorgers, nail clippers and wire cutting pliers can be very helpful in reducing hook removal time.

4. Handling methods depend on fishing technique used, how the fish is hooked, and size of the fish. Ideally, the fish should not be removed from the water. If fishing from a boat, try to prevent the fish from banging against the side or thrashing around the deck. Improper handling can cause internal injuries, skin abrasions, scale loss, or removal of the protective slime layer that prevents infection. When handling a fish make sure that your hands are wet to reduce loss of protective slime coat on fish.

5. To release the fish, grasp the tail firmly and place the fish back in the water and slowly move the fish back and forth. This motion will cause water to flow over the gills, restoring oxygen to the blood stream. Recovery time will vary according to size and health of the fish. As a general rule, the longer the fish fights and the higher the water and air temperature, the longer it will take the fish to recover. An erect dorsal fin is a sign of a revived fish.

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