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             27 July, 2021

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Buy Gold Saint Gaudens to Increase the worth of your investment portfolio

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2011-08-24 20:47:03     
Article by carolmoore

Do you want to add some valuables to your antique collection? Then you must consider about gold Saint Gaudens coin. These coins are made of 90% of gold and 10% of copper. Most of them are available as $20 dollar coins, but their actual worth is far more than that due to the presence of gold. Old gold coins are collected for many reasons. Some collect it to retain old memories whereas others do it to add value to their investment portfolio.

Saint Gaudens double eagle is named after its designer Augustus Saint Gaudens. It was mainly minted for use in international trade. The gold Saint Gaudens coin was issued from 1907 to 1933, but is still considered as the most beautiful of all U.S coins. It was an attempt by the then president of America, Theodore Roosevelt, who wanted to beautify America’s coinage. One of the main differences between this coin and others is the lack of the motto: In God we trust. Although many coins were minted in that period, none were in circulation due to the change in currency law during the great depression. In 1933, large number of gold coins were melted and converted to gold bullion bars.

Like French rooster coins, gold Saint Gaudens’s actual worth is more. The prices of old coins vary depending on the price of gold. If you are planning to invest in old gold coins, then it is a good investment option only if they sell on the spot. Despite its reduced supply, the prices of these coins have shrunk drastically. Old coins certainly need heavy promotions to create awareness among the public, which can increase its cost.

The actual price of an old gold coin varies depending upon the coin grades. A coin grade determines how much a coin has worn out. For obvious reasons, people prefer coins with little wear and hence they belong to higher grade and demand higher price. Coin grades range from AG-3, being the highest grade to MS-70, being the lowest grade. It is essential to have some knowledge about coin grading if you plan to invest into it.

The value of French rooster coins is similar to saint gaudens’. The French rooster coin features Gallic rooster, and a French symbol dating back to middle ages. Rooster was the symbol of the then French army and also has its presence in French’s national emblem. These coins have 90% of gold and the remaining 10% are a mixture of other metals to make it strong. Even though the price varies depending on the price of gold, you may not have to pay high premium to own one.

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