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             20 January, 2021

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The Dynamic Stainless Steel Pipe and Its Many Uses

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2011-08-17 01:21:17     
Article by Alisha Green

A stainless steel pipe finds usefulness not only in huge industrial sectors but also in and around the house. All pipes made from this iron alloy contain the excellent qualities inherent in the metal like anti-corrosiveness, durability and sustainability. Moreover this pipe variety is visually appealing, clean and has the capacity to resist even the highest of temperatures.

All these properties of stainless steel make it ideal to be constructed into thin walled pipe design. Moreover, with this type of pipes, you can get rid of threading as you can use fusion welding to combine them. You can totally rely on stainless steel pipe even for such sensitive areas as food processing, where reliability and hygiene is of utmost importance. In this article, I would mention the use of this pipe in only the most important areas.

Construction- Steel pipes are widely used in the construction sectors. Right from using them in sanitary and plumbing purpose, you would find them even large applications like in building terminals, bridges, halls. They are used in constructing commercial and industrial complexes including, warehouses, towers, factory buildings, and rails. etc. In fact traditional beams have been replaced by these pipes in heavy duty construction for their ability to withstand high pressure.

Fluid, Gas and Oil Transport- Steel pipes specially the ones that are seamless without any joints are of great importance in the oil sector. They are used for line pipes, casing pipes, production tubing and drill pipes. With these pipe varieties you do not have to worry about oil or other fluid contamination or leakage.

Sewage Systems- The municipal boards of several cities vouch for the efficacy of the stainless steel pipe in various sewage treatment facilities. Its ability to withstand corrosion has helped it to score over other metal pipe varieties. Apart from that these pipes are also used in waste water treatment in many places.

Other Application Areas- The Stainless Steel Tube and pipe varieties find wide application in sugar industries, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, ships, automobile industries, boilers, space, textile machinery, manufacturing process and many more. Due to their excellent properties, steel pipes are also used in pressure and heat transmission as well as in boiler heat exchanges.

All these pipes come in a wide variety of options as per the dimensions used in thickness, length, width etc. There are steel tubes as well as 4130 Tubing. Again, there are seamless and welded varieties- while the former has no joints or connecting links, in the latter the pipes are formed by welding them together. Hence, today you can get custom pipes that are made as per your individual needs. Whatever variety you choose, always go for quality and do not compromise for money. Get Stainless Steel Pipe for all your applications to get longevity and sustainability - two areas where this metal excels.

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