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             22 September, 2023

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How to Protect Skin From Harmful Sun Rays

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2011-07-23 01:45:39     
Article by Farooq

People should use sunscreen on cloudy days as well because you don’t even know when clouds flew away and sun break through them and found you and your skin unprotected. There is another big danger which is that sun’s UV rays can harm your skin even though when it’s under clouds cover and there is no sun light directly catching you. But most of the UV rays particles are trapped in the clouds or reflected by the clouds back but a very small amount penetrative through these clouds and can harm your skin. So instead of being a protector for us these clouds actually become helper of these UV sun rays.

Well in the market the products available for skin protection from UV sun rays are quite clear cut. Just put them on your body and bang you are ready to go out in the sun. But it can harm you as well if you not pay attention on the directions written on the bottles of these screens’. In these directions they have written the waiting time period between applying the sunscreen and the time after the application it will start working on your skin. There are special precautions for when there is chance that you might get wet while you are outside. Please always pay a good attention to these precautions and directions and carefully follow these directions and also when you reapply it again. Every after few days or week or two check your skin care products expiry dates, whether they are still available to use or they are expired. Do not use expired beauty products especially skin care product like sunscreen.

There are few number of people who think that their skin do not burn easily or even some say their skin don’t burn in the sun, so we don’t need any protection from the sun light, it’s not necessary for them. But this is really incorrect and those people are on mistake a very big mistake. Everyone it does not matter your vulnerability genes or race to sunburn, can get skin cancer from sun’s Ultra Violet rays damages to your skin. Not only the skin cancers and sunburn are the only dangers we need to take care while exposing ourselves in front of the sun. Premature aging is actually the most common results of sun damages. Same like this never think that you are safe or you will be safe if you only neglected or neglecting your skin protection only because you are a kid. The sun damage, sun burn cans happen to your skin at any time and then you will be facing problems in coming years after this.

Many time people refuse to use any kind of sun protection because they think that it will cause vitamin D deficiency in their body. These people think like this because they believe sun is a great natural resource this vitamin D nutrient. Most of the time people t more than enough these nutrients from their food which they eat. And it’s medically proved that by eating a normal healthy diet our body receives a huge amount of vitamin D with even being out in the day light.

Similarly, most of the people think that tans are healthy, this is really a wrong thinking and I would say myth. Well lying in the sun can make you feel good but actually exposing yourself directly to sun is really dangerous and risky. It is attractive in western culture and countries lying in the sun light taking sun bath, but staining and discoloration of the skin are also symptom of impeding skin damages.

Our skin is the most important and uncovered part of our body, it’s really sensitive. It’s really important to keep your skin healthy as any other part of the body, new days medical science has made this very easy for us now to take care of our body parts. We just have to teach ourselves and be elegant about how we defend our skin from the summer rudiments.

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