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             15 October, 2021

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11 Simple And Effective Topics For A Thesis

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2011-07-16 02:21:39     
Article by Antonio Flores

Are you stuck trying to think of topics for your thesis? This can be tough especially when the teacher allows you to pick whatever topic you wish to write about. What might seem so simple could possibly take you longer than a few hours. Even if you can come up with ten different topics for your thesis, you might have a hard time sticking to one.

Here are topics for a good thesis:

1.) Should animal testing be banned from research laboratories? If you are a strong supporter of animals, then you might have very strong arguments to support why animal testing should be prohibited.

2.) Do animals have the same rights as humans? This should be a very interesting topic for your thesis. Are they just properties, or should they be treated the same as humans? Even if animals agree that they do, it would be very difficult to find out the truth as they do not speak our language.

3.) Should animal cloning be banned? There has been tremendous controversy surrounding this topic, and you can easily get twenty pages or more for your paper. I am sure your teacher will be thrilled about this topic.

4.) How to protect employees' rights? Millions of employees' rights are violated every single day. This might be a tough topic for a thesis, but your professor should be intrigued.

5.) How to encourage employees to volunteer? Most employees would not do more than needed to get paid. If they do not get paid to do something, the chances are that nothing will be done.

6.) Can money buy happiness? The simple answer to this is "yes", but it would be interesting to see an argument that says otherwise.

7.) When should computers be introduced to children? You'll be surprised to find two year olds who are surfing the internet nowadays. It can be dangerous if they do not know what is right and wrong.

8.) Should cell phones be banned? I am sure that millions of people will be angry if this happens. It would be interesting to see what people have to say about this topic. Could you live a day or two without a cell phone? What about living without it for the rest of your life?

9.) Should armed robbery crimes be penalized harder? If you can somehow find a way to argue that penalty should be lessened, then this can actually be a very interesting topic for your thesis.

10.) Should voluntary plastic surgeries be banned? Voluntary means that the person does not need the plastic surgery to be done. For example, women who are not comfortable about small breasts and they want to get bigger breasts.

11.) Should insurance cover gastric bypass surgery? This is a tough call, and I am sure that this would make a great thesis for your paper. This might be necessary to safe a person's life so this isn't really something that is optional to a person who is suffering from obesity.

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