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5 Tips to Make New Friends Online

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2011-07-09 01:43:39     
Article by Shaun Hansen

Friends are the most precious gift of God. They make you feel better when you are down; they make your life cheerful, introduce fun and companionship and stay there whenever you need them. And with so much hype on the social networking sites and online find chat there is no harm in searching for friends over the internet and to dig out few like minded people who can perfectly understand your thought process and relate to them. They can share same interests and can be fun in case of playing a game or sharing some casual discussion. But to make healthy chat friends online and make a good nexus of entertaining and friendly people, few tips need to be followed.

The first step before you start to find friends online is to set few boundaries in your own as to what you are searching and what would be the limitations in this relationship. It is very important to be certain about this as there may be situations when people ask for face to face meeting which can be confusing if not prepared from the beginning.

The second step is to remain cautious about scammers. There can be plenty of stalkers and scammers who wish to lure in people for their own advantage and later exploit them in multiple ways. It is always better to hide the real name and stick to usernames till the person becomes completely known to you.

The third step while you find friends online is to be patient with the new found friends and not to be too much opinion centric as in no time there can be people attacking yourself in open forums. So it’s always better to remain considerate and no matter how you feel strongly about something, take things lightly and casually.

The fourth step in finding friends would be to start Blogging. If blogging is done for own personal preference and not to earn money from it then there is plenty opportunity of stating own facts, meeting people who comment on it, comment on others blog and build up a good acquaintance with like minded people. There are free Google blogger accounts that can be created by only signing up and thus its benefits can be reaped.

Lastly, it’s always good to keep in touch and answer emails and comments. These way new relationships can be built and also frequent interactions make these relationships stronger.

Following the steps, new friends can be made and healthy relationships can be established.

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