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             08 August, 2022

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The Advantages of a Planned Hair Transplant Course

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2011-05-30 01:28:23     
Article by Dr. Farhat Bokhari

If you have ever thought about becoming a Hair Transplant surgeon then it is important to consider a structured and planned hair transplant training course. Watching a video or an actual hair transplant session, it looks fairly easy. In reality however there are so many small details that the omission of one can jeopardize the results.

Your ultimate success depends upon the quality of your results. If your patients are not satisfied and happy then your hair transplant practice will not last too long. Here are some of the main advantages of a good hair transplant training course.

1. Causes of Hair Loss: It is important to understand the causes of hair loss—although most common is the hereditary hair loss, you must know other causes as well because the treatment is quite different. As a good hair transplant surgeon you must be knowledgeable about all aspects of Hair Transplantation.

2. The course will teach you the pertinent anatomy and physiology related to hair transplantation which will put you on solid ground for your understanding all the nuances of this field of cosmetic surgery.

3. Evaluation of hair loss is very critical; all the patients are not good candidates for hair transplantation. Full knowledge of this aspect of hair transplantation will put you way ahead of your competition. You will understand and prevent complications.

4. The set up of your clinic will help you perform hair transplantation efficiently and cost effectively. A properly set up clinic can save hours when you are performing the procedure. It is good to remember that time is crucial in hair transplant surgery. Patients get bored and tired if the procedure takes too long.

5. Proper instrumentation and selection of the technique suitable for each patient will help get better results. There are so many different techniques for hair transplantation that just using one technique for all is not a good strategy at this time. As you may already know, the advent of micro and mini grafting has revolutionized the hair transplantation field. The concept of Follicular units has added another layer of sophistication. Should you use “Strip method of Hair transplantation” or “FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)” method? Should you use slits or “stick and place” method? A well structured Hair transplant training will provide all the answers.

6. You cannot perform hair transplant alone--you will need a good team. Selection of a proper team is a major contributor of a thriving good practice. Hair transplantation is a tedious and monotonous job and every one cannot do it. Aptitude, an eye for detail and finesse in execution make good hair transplant assistance. How do you find them, train them and keep them motivated is important for your success as a hair transplant surgeon.

7. If a course does not prepare you about how to market yourself then your progress will be very slow. The experts who are teaching you the course have gone through the marketing experimentation and can save you money and time if they will give you all the tips and advice.

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