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             23 June, 2021

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How should students work on their weak subjects for board examination?

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2011-05-21 02:02:36     
Article by Prakash Yadev

Your school board examinations are around the corner and the exam jitters are giving you nightmares. Time seems to be slipping through your fingers as you struggle with your texts and most difficult subjects. Perhaps you are not as adept at mathematics as your peers or maybe chemistry is just too complicated for you. Alternatively, you dread the subject because of lack of encouragement in the past or simply cannot stand the thought of focusing on it. Or you have never been taught how to develop a working approach to dealing with higher concepts in physics or math. This leads to reinforcing your belief that you are weak in that particular subject. This is probably why subjects like CBSE science or CBSE Maths strikes terror in your heart.

The school boards are a watershed event in a student’s life from where he/she can head for career options that have important consequences throughout. So the key is to relax and de-stress those taut nerves. Tell yourself that you will survive irrespective of whether you do badly or well and life will continue as usual whether you become expert in Physics or not. This will take off a lot of pressure and you will be ready to map out a plan of action to tackle those demon subjects from a place of strength in your own abilities and a mature confidence.

For instance say ICSE maths is a major stumbling block. Organize your time so that you devote at least a certain time period to this subject everyday. Identify whether you work better in the evening, morning or afternoon and use that time for the difficult maths applications, formulae and problems. Find a space that is comfortable, airy and free from distractions to study in. If you have a helpful friend who is supportive and can explain things then study with him/her. Also take online tutorial help from websites like SimplyShiksha.com which has a great collection of sample papers and resources to help you improve on your weak subjects.

Remember to eat properly and get adequate sleep and rest even while you study hard. Cramming leaves your energy reserves depleted and at an all time low. Instead try and understand the subject matter.

An important factor while studying is repeat ion. Constant repeat ion lodges information into long-term memory and is superior for top-drawer recall. With the help of a skilled tutor chalk out potentially difficult chapters or text material and go over the areas again and again. This practice is also called “rehearsal” and is crucial for studying with the intention of making your weak subject almost second nature to battle through. Last but not the least, whichever paper it is, CBSE test papers has a format which must be studied and strategies devised to answer them in a timely manner.

Simply Shiksha is an online portal that helps students excel in their studies and deal with difficult subjects in a planned manner. It provides personal and customized feedback to the students in each and every chapter and subject. This helps the students to understand their strength and weakness and helps to focus on the AREA OF IMPROVEMENT. Also the solutions given help the students to solve or answer the questions in the correct manner. This approach helps in achieving better results in exams as well as helps in systematic learning. It is seen that using Simply Shiksha packages helps students reduce time wastage and maximize their understanding of the subject and improve their performance in class tests, term tests and exams. Simply Shiksha packages are reasonably priced and are available for Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. By practicing cbse sample papers, icse papers and sample papers for class 10 or lower classes, students can prepare well to face finals and CBSE / ICSE board exams with confidence. Simply Shiksha packages are available for CBSE 6th std to 12th std., ICSE 6th std. to 10th std., and also for CET Karnataka preparation.

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