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             17 May, 2021

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Epoxy Resins Flooring- The Perfect Choice For Seamless Floors

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2011-05-21 01:32:22     
Article by Royce

When one thinks of a flooring material that is tough along with being quite durable, concrete is perhaps the first name that jumps to mind. However, despite these qualities, the one major drawback that concrete suffers from is its porous nature, which in the long run can damage any flooring made it. Even a small fissure in the floor can allow huge amounts of water to seep deep into the foundation and cause great damage. Moreover, concrete floors rarely if ever provide a choice of design and color that might seem compatible with the overall decor of the building. That is why a large number of people nowadays, prefer to use flooring made from epoxy resins, which not only offer a sturdy floor covering but also provide options to experiment with the design and decor of the flooring.

Thanks to the technological advances made in epoxy resins flooring, it is now possible to build seamless floors without comprising on their beauty or durability. There are wide range of textures, colors and even performance capabilities of resins to choose from, that are perfect to meet with the flooring requirements of a building without seeming out of place as compared to its overall decor. Moreover, they can be custom designed to address a variety of flooring issues such as maintenance needs, cleaning problems, exposure to chemicals and other material, frequency and type of traffic flow etc.

Modern day epoxy floors are not only sturdy and long lasting, but also provide great resistance to everyday wear and tear. They are generally designed to resist almost all types of stains, are moistly fire and shock proof and have good adhesive properties making them almost completely scratch and damage proof. The fact that they also add to the beauty of the building is just an added advantage.

While it is possible to install this flooring over any existing flooring, it is better to choose this flooring at the time of construction only. This is mainly due to the fact that during the construction phase, the flooring installation professionals are able to comprehend the exact reaction and transformations of liquid epoxy polymers in a better manner and hence provide a better floor covering.

Royce is a fully diversified international company which was founded in 1929 to manufacture chemicals for textile industry. Today more than 80 years later, they have a resounding presence across the world and offer solution to diverse needs of chemicals to their customers which also include epoxy resin.

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