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             23 January, 2021

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Addiction Report - Heroin And Tobacco Abuse

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2011-05-09 01:53:58     
Article by Dion B Silva

Heroin is a severe abusive drug. It posses repercussions that not only harm the individual but also are extended beyond the life of individual drug user. Medically heroin harms a person badly. He is attacked by incurable diseases and progresses towards doom. The user of heroine can be attacked with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Social consequences are nevertheless devastating. The human who consumes drugs becomes an untouchable for the society or becomes one of the highly hated persons. He can be a criminal, he can be a future killer or thief or any antisocial element.

The drug addiction information collected through data by the Govt. or the Ngo’s is really heart rendering. Although from last few years the trend of heroine users is declining but still the facts are horrible if we compare them with the beginning of 1990s.

Drug addiction information reports that the most affected from this abuse are school going children or teens, as the age of adolescence is counted a slippery age. In this age the chances are more that youth can slip into the cruel mouth of the addiction of heroin. Drug dealers are selling more and pure quantity at very low price, after they have seen the decline in their businesses. More and more teens find it easily available near schools and at a small amount of their pocket money. This is an acute problem need to be dealt with.

According to an Addiction report 440,000 U.S.A inhabitats are addicted of tobacco in the most developed country U.S, then what about others. In Indian rural areas tobacco is not counted as a harmful drug and even people are not having knowledge about the narcotic affects of tabcco.In the whole world, millions of people are flying their lives in the smoke of abusive drug tobacco. The ingredients of tobacco combine the affects of tar, nitrosamines and harmful carbon monoxide gas.

Addiction report says addiction is a door to doom or purgatory. The researchers are researching on the strange behaviors of the people in Addiction report, which lead them to this hell. Some hereditary symptoms are also seen in the people, which hypnotize them to become drug addicts. Teens and adults, who take these abusive drugs, they need to understand that this primarily sounds interesting but at last it bounds man into its own world, where he is away from all the worldly things.

Life’s aim of the drug taker, confines to earn more and more money to get drug at any cost. It becomes necessity for the user, and urges increases by the time. Stop others and yourself from falling into the ditch of addiction. Then only this drug addiction information would be a success.

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