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Why Should I Learn Spanish

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2011-04-30 01:51:00     
Article by Paul Walker

Because the Spanish language has grown so much around the world, it has become extremely popular for people to learn Spanish as a second language. It is believed to be the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. This is easy to believe as it spoken all around the world by native speakers and students alike. Many people are learning this language by necessity, to keep up with the need in business and everyday life. There are also many people who are learning it because they are interested in their own heritage and culture. Many schools use Spanish as their extra language and as it is considered an easy language to learn, therefore, more and more people are choosing to learn it. Spanish has similarities to other languages, such as Italian, Portuguese and French. This is why Spanish is easy to learn but these similarities also enable people to gain the confidence to learn study more languages.

Why would anyone learn Spanish? Well, it can make a holiday to Spain or Latin America much more interesting for a start. There are many extremely popular vacation destinations where Spanish is spoken. Speaking the native language can make a holiday a much more culturally drenched event. Many students ask why they have to learn Spanish but, as many schools know, Spanish can be the basis for further language study. In many European countries learning Spanish will greatly reduce language barriers and make traveling much easier and accessible. There are so many good reasons why a person should learn Spanish that speaking only one language these days is almost inexcusable. In business and simply as a hobby, learning Spanish is both easy and can open up many doors for a person.

Learn Spanish For Employment Opportunities

Although learning Spanish can be fun, it can also open up a person’s career opportunities and this is why; many companies come in contact with people that do not speak English as a first language, when this occurs, Spanish can be a good backup in communication. There are many Spanish speaking people throughout the world and having employees that can communicate in both Spanish and English is considered to be extremely beneficial to a company. The world has become so small with all the developments in technologies relating to communication and international business. Also, people are finding travel and emigration so easy that it is important for people to keep up their communication skills.

Many areas, like the United States in particular, have a large population of Spanish speaking individuals, making it important for certain jobs to be employed by people who are multilingual. For instance, in the medical profession, there is great need for medical staffs who are bilingual so that important information can be communicated clearly. Situations where patients only speak Spanish are not only easier, but safer too if they can speak their native tongue. Teachers also widen their employment opportunities by gaining the knowledge to speak in both English and Spanish. As well, any type of employment that involves tourism or international communication can create the need to speak Spanish as well as English. These are just a few of the many reasons why learning Spanish can be important and popular in today’s world.

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