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             27 September, 2023

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How You Can Make Real Money From Home- Make Money Blogging

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2011-04-28 02:15:26     
Article by Henry White

Looking for a way to give yourself a little extra income in hard times and in good? If you are skilled at writing and interacting with people, then blogging may just be your ticket to an extra income a lot easier than you may think possible. There are many ways to monetize a good blog, we will get into that later. But first, you should start a blog on something that interests a lot of people and that you are interested in. You can sign up for a free blog at many places on the internet like: blogger.com, wordpress.com or many other places on the internet, just search “free blog” on google. You could also buy a domain name and hosting and set up a wordpress blog on your own domain. The domain charge will be about $10.00 per year and the hosting around $7 to $10 per month which is very inexpensive and allows you to have complete control of your blog. Once you get your blog all set up and put some content on it, here are some ways to monetize it easily.

• Adsense- This is an advertising program promoted by google, basically you allow google to place text ads or banners on your site and they pay you each time someone clicks on one of the ads. You won’t make a fortune with just one site, but it is a nice extra income.

• Affiliate Programs- These are programs which you can place ads for on your site and refer customers to the merchant site. If the merchant makes a sale, you get paid a percentage of the sale. If you are going to do this, make sure you choose affiliate products that your target audience would have a natural interest in and might want to buy. There are tons of affiliate networks on the internet that you can sign up for free. Just google “affiliate networks” and you’ll find hundreds of them.

• Write an Ebook- You could write an ebook relevant to your target audience, perhaps solving a common problem that they share. Offer the ebook for sale at a reasonable price. Make sure you overdeliver on the ebook and offer great value to your customers. If you do, they will probably consider buying the next ebook you write also!

• Private ad sales- If you have a good amount of traffic to your blog(I’ll cover how to get traffic to your blog in another article, just subscribe to my RSS feed and look for it) you can sell ad space on your blog to advertisers in your niche. You can offer banner ad spots, text ad spots as well as anchor text links. This can be very profitable and somewhat hands off if you use one of the many companies(bannergarage.com, workz.com) that will find advertisers for you on the internet. They will do everything from taking the order to placing the ad on your site, of course, you approve all the ads.

These suggestions are only the beginning when it comes to monetizing your blog, I hope they sparked your creative juices in your mind. You can make some real money from your blog if you take consistent action and treat your visitors and customers with care and respect.

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