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             21 October, 2021

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Tips For Creating A Successful Boat Classified Advert

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2011-04-27 01:41:10     
Article by Michael Cook

When it comes to selling a boat, I feel like I have certainly done the hard yards. I seem to have tried so many different ways, talked to countless numbers of boat sales agents and put up stacks of adverts that I decided I should really put together my favorite simple tips on how to create a successful boat classified advert.

I did successfully sell a boat recently through the internet and I have to say this was the best experience I have had of selling a boat; it was certainly the simplest and much more straightforward than I thought it would be. In the past I have had to spend ages discussing with boat sales agents how to best present my boat, what commission they will take and what kind of campaign to go for that I must say I got a bit sick of it and decided to give a boat classifieds website a try. I had a look around, did some research and ended up choosing pureboats.com which worked out really well. So here are my thoughts on how to put that winning advert together.

Tip Number One is to be ready. I spent a moment before I got started to make sure I had all the information I would need ready to go so that it took less time to get the boat classified advert online. For example you should have important information, such as how much you want to sell your boat for, details about the make, model, condition, special features, etc, sorted out before you get start up loading the information.

Tip Number Two is to use attention-grabbing words. I found that my boat adverts that seemed to capture the most attention where those where I had very carefully chosen some great descriptive words that helped to showcase the best features of the boat and that were a little bit different or unusual. The other words I have found that people buying boats like to see is any brand names of parts that you might have on your boat. People buying boats like to know they are getting a quality product.

Tip Number Three is to take some eye-catching photos. They say that a picture says a thousand words and people will judge your boat classified very quickly based simply on the photograph. I can’t believe the number of people who use terrible photos of their boat full of clutter to try and sell it. I always find it pays huge dividends to have a good tidy up then take the photos on a sunny day to entice people buying boats to have a more detailed look at your boat.

Tip Number Four is be contactable. There is no point putting your boat classified advert online and then ending up where no one can get hold of you. I made the mistake once of going on an overseas trip while my boat was for sale and I am sure I missed out on a well–priced early sale because of this! So make sure you are accessible to show people the boat that you have an email address you can easily check and provide a cell phone number if you have one.

Tip Number Five is to take the help that is offered. I would certainly suggest only using online boat classified websites that offer assistance to you as you never know when you might need it. When I sold my boat through pure boats.com they provided me with some great advice about exchanging of money and securing written confirmation of deposits, etc. This was truly valuable help and made sure my boat sale went through very smoothly indeed because at the end of the day that was my objective for the boat classified advert I was working so hard on.

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