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             24 October, 2020

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Tool for Error Handling with Stored Procedures of SQL 2000

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2011-04-21 01:42:26     
Article by nestorandersons

What are Stored Procedures? In MS SQL Server, there are stored procedures in order to simplify database development. They are set of SQL commands that are compiled and are stored on database Server. Once you store the stored procedure, client applications will be able to carry out stored procedure again and again. Even without sending to database Sever again and again and also without compiling it again and again it works smoothly. They reduce network traffic and CPU load and thus improve performance.

Keys Benefits of Stored Procedures:

• SQL Server collects each stored procedure and then carries out execution plan; this directly affects performance when stored procedures are repeatedly called.
• In case, network is a great matter of concern in your environment, then stored procedures is capable to reduce long queries of SQL into one single line instead of long ones, thus helpful to reduce Server traffic.
• Multiple users can use stored procedures; it is an efficient way to reduce development cycle.
• It is useful to enhance security control, as it gives permission to carry out table permissions independently.

Fatal Errors can cause inaccessibility to stored procedures and thus creates a need to employ SQL stored procedure recovery process ASAP.

SQL Server Recovery Tool: In order to recover stored procedures of SQL 2000, you need to use outside solution that can perfectly perform SQL 2000 recovery. One such tool for this purpose is SysTools SQL Recovery software. This application works with not only SQL 2000 but also with SQL 2005 and 2008 also with smoothly. This application has lots of useful characteristics which are helpful to restore and recover MDF files after corruption in SQL Server.

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