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             25 March, 2023

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Increase Your Career Knowledge

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2011-04-21 01:38:51     
Article by faishal khan

"Person doing a job can better tell the actual work profile related to job. This is the best way to get the genuine information about an occupation. The main reason is the information given by the employee of the organization is up to date and accurate with latest trends in the industry. A personal interaction with the employee of an organization will give a personal touch related to that organization and its working environment and culture. Fresher’s and job seekers relay want to interact with such kind of people with working experience of the industry of their choice. In today time a kind of informational interview has been conducted with the duration of 30-60 minutes. During informational interviews the candidate has the opportunity to ask questions related to work tasks, job profile, working environment, and the companies background form the companies personal.

Making career is one of the crucial decisions in the life of the individual. The choice must be intelligent, tricky and smart meeting your ability, capabilities and dreams. While choosing your career you may be confused in the wide range of career option available. For making a good career choice the student must think beyond of wrong and ill conceived notions. Many fresher’s make their career choice based on others wrong and ill conceived notions. The basic need is to like the subject in which you want to make your career. Interest in a particular field increase the grasping power and concentration while learning that subject. If the person like the subject and make his/her career in that field there is a greater chance for him to excel in his career, so career must be chosen taking these entire factor into consideration.

Generally fresher’s make their career by their parent’s choice and from peer pressure. It s also seen many time that parents force their children to choose a particular field irrespective of the interest of the students. Along with the parental pressure it is also important to look whether the children have the right aptitude and skill for that subject. Some students chose a career which is chosen by his/her friend. It is not the right way to choose the career. A wrong choice of career affect you life adversely, so choosing the career must be given prior importance and the career must be chosen after proper counseling and under the expert guidance. For ex IT sector in India is at boom today but it is not compulsory that it will remain at the top notch after 10 years. It might be pharmacy or bio tech. Therefore career must be chosen taking all the factors into cosideration."

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