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             16 January, 2021

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Addiction of Pleasure and Detoxification of its Pressure

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2011-04-19 02:10:09     
Article by Dion B Silva

The topic of the Every Health organization’s meetings two years before was Opioid Addiction, as the drugs especially opium was carved higher in to the society, that the rate of addiction became higher, but two years later the topic of the health organization general meetings are opiate detoxification.

As Newton’s third law states, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, AS the number of opioid addiction is getting higher, the number of cases of opiate detoxification, in the caught, forced and accepted categories of opium addiction has increased.

There is good news in this and bad news also. Good news is that the chances of people coming out of their opioid addiction are taken up and the bad news is the addiction levels have not been increased in these two years.

If you see both the actions of a person when he is taking the drug, and when he gets detoxiated. You realize a sarcastic thing deep down, if it had to be explained, imagine like this a hall with a loud music, and blue and red lights, and you see a hand injecting a needle inside, with the pain of the needle in his cheek and the pleasure and effects of the substance in his eyes. Or even if u see a person sitting in a fresh air, removing a paper and sniffing the white content, you see a turmoil of reactions in his face, that is the power of the Opioid addiction.

Now come to a medical center, where we see people cuddled and cajoled medically and psychologically. His face is undergoing a same type of expressions, but this time not because of the substance is going in, but for not going inside, that’s the power of the opioid addiction, it changes your balance, your mentality, it changes your way of living and it adds a shade of darkness in your psychology.

People find reason for addiction and opiate detoxification is a very waved up on process, where sessions erodes the energy of the person who is getting intoxicated and the person who is doing the process, cause that’s where we see how a valid and well constructed human life, which should be colorful outside between the sun and moon, but now how some people trying to reconstruct it cause of a small powder which a human created in the name of fantasy and Pleasure.

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