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Programs Available For College Education

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2011-04-19 01:59:08     
Article by Richard Carter

Most college students pursue a certain degree program because they are interested in that field. The interest might stem from volunteer work that was performed at local hospitals during high school or from the bible classes that were taken each Sunday at church. The degree program will produce a diploma, degree, or certificate when the studies are finished and these credentials will earn the student a solid profession, working in the career field that peaks their interest.

For students interested in working in the health care industry, the college education programs could focus on two-year programs in radiology or on healthcare administration and management. Either college degree program will allow the student to get some on-the-job training and earn a salary at the same time because most medical institutions will have positions open that accommodate class schedules. Some students might work in the hospital cafeteria while they are enrolled in college.

The college student might pursue a two-year or four-year degree in Nursing, and use the information learned in class to perform jobs in medical billing and coding. The college program outline will allow students to get a taste of every area of the medical field before making a final decision on the career path that would be best suited for their individual needs. The work performed on a day-to-day basis in a hospital setting will be very useful when the student writes a thesis for a Master's in Nursing.

The college education programs available for students to earn a Design and Art degree will cover a broad spectrum of creative avenues. The student might be interested in completing courses in animation to secure a position in the art department of a local amusement park. The courses in graphic design could provide additional knowledge that the employee could use to move up in the company. Through hands-on training and observation, the student could learn enough to complete a course for visual communication techniques easier.

Some college students will select a college education program primarily because the course length is shorter and it will allow them to enter the corporate world sooner. The curriculum for these courses will exclude classes that are not needed to perform a job. The course curriculum will focus on preparing the student to perform a certain skill while still pursing a degree in Computer Science. The specialties under this career goal are numerous and some students are capable of programming but are not well suited for performing tasks in computer networking.

The skills the college student will be expected to perform after graduation might focus strictly on computer programming but the program will also include classes in computer repair, web development, and mathematics and English. Some class work might challenge students to create personal web pages and project a virtual resume on the internet using the coding and style sheets that were created in class.

Other college education programs might include some of the same subjects but will earn the college student a different college degree. For degrees in Business, the students will be tasked in completing courses in online business practices, internet marketing and web design. For students who will pursue a job specialty as an accountant, they will pursue a degree in Business that is tailored to learning accounting through completion of spreadsheets in software applications and auditing methods used by corporate entities such as the Internal Revenue Service.

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