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             01 February, 2023

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Getting Hair Extensions Sydney- Four Important Facts you should know

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2011-04-09 01:17:32     
Article by Vishal Shrama

Yes, it’s true! Hair extension is a current, continuously gaining popularity trend these days among men and women alike. Thanks to the multitude of famous celebrities in the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and many more are known to be changing their hair styles in a flash. Thanks to hair extensions, this is made possible. There is a huge selection of colors and styles available for everyone who wants to hair extensions. Like the rest of the world, Professional salons are already doing hair additions. Here in Sydney.

Despite its popularity worldwide, there are still some people who are not so keen into getting this new trend done to their hair. This is quite understandable due to some wrong information concerning the process, the materials and maintenance of hair extensions but nevertheless, here are four important facts everyone who is interested with should know.

Fact # 1:

There is a no “basic” or “common” method in doing hair extension that will work with any type of hair; may it be thick, curly, thin, straight or damaged. It simply means that what will work with you and your type of hair may not work with others. This is the reason why before you decide to get an extension, look for professionals who can offer best hair extensions Sydney with a variety of methods and can even do it at the comfort of your own home thereby making it a lot easier for you rather than waiting in line for quite a time in a beauty parlor just to be entertained.

Fact #2:

The Hair extensions are undetectable. Actually, the results would depend on the professional who is doing your hair. Most professional hair stylists would go through at least 3 days of training on how to attach, remove and blend these fibers to your hair to make it as realistic as it can be. Most salons would advertise their hair extension service as “completely undetectable” when the truth is, there will always be a point of attachment visibility. But if this process is done by a stylist with the skill and training, definitely, no one will believe what you have is just an extension.

Fact #3:

Hair extension attaching and removing is a skill that needs special training. The moment you have your hair done by someone who is inexperience and new, you are actually subjecting your hair to permanent damage. Once again, it is important that you get the best hair extension Sydney from professionals who are well trained and educated in this field.

Fact #4:

Once you have hair extension, it is required that you should take extra care to maintain and keep it healthy. Some stylist would claim that once you have this, there is no need for extra maintenance. The best hair extensions professionals in Sydney would tell you that having longer hair all the more needs extra care and attention. Longer hair takes longer to wash, to dry and to style. The moment you don’t take extra care to it would result to damage hair.

Are you seriously considering hair extensions for yourself? Take the time to go to the best hair stylists who are reputable and expert in this method. After all, your hair is your crowning glory.

Eve Hair Extensions is all about quality and service. We provide the hair extensions Manly so you can enjoy instant length and/or volume that look just like an extension of your own hair. Our mobile hair extensions eastern suburbs service operates in Sydney and most surrounding suburbs.

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