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Grade 10 Applied English Homework Help

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2011-04-05 02:57:57     
Article by Clarence Rodriguez

A commonly asked question is how to find grade 10 applied English homework help. The question really should be how do I get better grades in English class, but lets look at the question. What is applied English? In earlier grades, the main focus was learning to read and write, memorizing vocabulary, understanding the English language from a grammar and structure standpoint, and learning basic communication skills. So, how is that different from 10th grade English? Well, you need to APPLY those skills in order to reach a more advanced level, and that starts with 10th grade English class.

So, how DO you get grade 10 applied English homework help? The first is to ask your teacher when you don't understand something. Sometimes, an assignment will seem a bit vague, and asking for clarification will help you get a better score, since you will be able to do exactly what is asked of you. Too often, students charge forward with an assignment without really understanding what is being asked of them. So, in order to avoid that, clarify everything!

In 10th grade, when you read books, you really need to understand what the author is telling you. At this point, students are expected to be able to pick out the larger, global symbols in stories and books. This is application of skills. You are being asked to interpret the author's intentions, not just understand the overall story. The best question to ask yourself when reading a book or writing a paper on a book is WHY the author is writing what he is. This basic, yet challenging skill will be useful throughout your academic career and beyond. That tip is a great one and goes beyond simple grade 10 applied English homework help.
So, what are other tips for 10th grade English class? When writing papers, be sure to proofread and revise your papers. Getting your first draft done at least 1 week before a due date is important to your development as a writer. Though most people procrastinate and put off writing papers until the day before it is dues, don't be one of those people, and you are your teacher will see the quality of your writing go up.
Beyond just the work assigned in class, read as much as you can. It will not only help you in the future, but help you understand various styles that you will inevitably be introduced to in 10th grade. You will probably read 5-6 books in the 10th grade English class, but if you can add a few more (especially over Thanksgiving or winter vacation), you'll be ahead of the curve. At this point, you can also start reading "Cliff's Notes" to enhance the way you read books. For the first time, you're probably being asked to interpret the books in ways you never have, and "Cliff's Notes" will give you insight into advanced English reading and writing styles.

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