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             16 January, 2021

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English Learning - Necessity of the day

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2011-04-04 01:54:09     
Article by Jiten Sukhrani

In this present era of globalization, a need for a common language of communication amongst different nations has arisen, as various nations have different languages and culture. Even in one country, there are so many languages and different dialects that deciding one common language is necessary & hence the world has recognized English as the common language of communication & a source for exchanging ideas. In such a scenario, if one is devoid of the knowledge of English language, it becomes difficult for him to move ahead in terms of career.

Also, India has emerged as a favorite investment and outsourcing destination of global clients. As a result, a large number of employment opportunities have evolved, in which knowledge of English is compulsorily required. In fact, often skilled mid-career professionals fail to rise up in their career because of lack of communication skills in English. Since most of the businesses and service sectors deal with the globalized world, knowledge of English language has become one of the most significant factors to survive in this global business market. As English is also referred to as the lingua franca of trade and business, it is very important & a prerequisite to learn the language correctly if you want to climb the ladder of success in one's career. Here a Chinese proverb which says that, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” comes in mind & holds true. This is not just a cliché because a simple task of learning English will definitely bring a huge amount of change in one's life & this treasure of having learnt the language, will follow the one throughout his/her life.

In order to succeed in this cut-throat competitive global market, one needs to have sound communication skills to make oneself stand out in the crowd. In order to be competitive in business market, one should have fluency in English language to state one's ideas / views clearly. However, it is very important that one gets the right guidance to learn English language effectively and efficiently. There are several resources available like English learning courseware kits,English distance learning programmes, interactive Audio CDs, MP3s & DVDs, English learning e-books,English tutorials etc. for learning English & they provide the very best learning sessions which will help you to understand and learn the language in an effective way. The highlight of all these types of resources and courseware kits lies in them being highly flexible. For instance, if you buy an English learning pack, it can be referred as many times as you want as well as more than one person can learn English by buying a single learning pack. These English learning packs are more effective than any other mode because they provide the flexibility of learning English with reading, listening & watching, & that too at home.

Now instead of sitting back and simply waiting for some miracle to happen, wake up and get yourself an English learning pack. Become leaders at your workplace and walk confidently in your social circle.

The road to success is defined in front of you. All you need to do is walk through it.

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