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             23 January, 2021

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Using Call Management Software

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2011-03-24 02:33:52     
Article by John Chris

Call management is the process of tracking and analyzing the phone calls. It is generally done by designing and implementing rules governing the routing of inbound calls through a Network.

Call management system came into existence in the 1970s and at that time it was just used by outsourcing software development companies to manage their phone usage within their organization. After that, in early 80s, it was adapted by hospitality industry also as various hotels and resorts can easily track their guest phone records. Call management system was on high demand in the 1980s and 90s and the main reason behind that was a hotel or a resort could often generate thousands of dollars by marking up long distance calls. However, after sometime, the industry reported decreasing revenues from call accounting software. This was because of the popularity and increase in usage of more advanced gadgets like cell phones and VoIP etc. Even the situation was such that some of the managers started thinking that call accounting is of no use for their business.

If we talk about functionality of this software, it can track where call was made, who made the call, number that was dialed, and call duration and type of tariff used which is helpful in calculating the cost of the call.

Today once again, hospitality industry strongly suggests the use of call accounting systems, and many of them which are already using this system now need to update the same for accurate results. And the reasons for this surprising demand are:-

Call management system can be used to recover the cost of long-distance calls.
By using this software, one can easily and accurately allocate charges on customer’s account for phone usage.
And to track phone call history which is very much helpful especially in case of doubtful clients.

After the incident like 9/11 attacks in Mumbai, it has now become compulsory for the hospitality industry to have detailed information about phone calls made by the customers during their stay. By using call management software, hotel managers can quickly resolve guest concerns and can avoid arguments with disgruntled customers and it also adds security to their property as well.

Call management system software can be categorized as software based, hardware based, and web-based based system. An organization can select any one of the system according to its requirement. When we talk about the software based system, no doubt they are flexible but require more memory to store call data. Hardware product systems are popular in the hospitality industry as the systems are small and can be stored in a closet or drawer whereas the web-based products systems are quite expensive because of their monthly subscription fees based upon the number of extensions. One of the good thing about this system is that it automatically posts call records directly to the Property Management System for future retrieval.

There are many offshore software development companies that offer or develop call accounting software with complex contact-centre operations and high call volume options according to the client’s requirement. The recently updated version of the system comes with a familiar ‘Windows’ interface. By using this, managers can view data and receive customized threshold and exception alerts all in real time and can also make use of the generated reports in new marketing or customer-service campaigns.

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