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             04 December, 2022

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Visitor Management System: Appointments and Banned Visitors

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2011-03-21 01:56:53     
Article by Swaty Agarwal

Visitor management system is an advanced tool to keep a track of visitors. It is a necessity, especially in large premises, where many people come and go! Gone are the days when visitor details were recorded manually in an attendance register. Today, companies use computerized visitor management solutions to manage visitors. The software is integrated with face recognition device to record visitor details. The system can perform a large number of functions. It can generate detailed reports of all the visitors in the premises; provide information about regular visitors; enroll first time visitors; sound an alarm for banned visitors; and also manage appointments.

Quality visitor management system includes the feature of appointment management. It enables the user to manage appointments. In large office premises, high profile officials have many appointments for a day to manage. It is difficult for the front desk executive to keep a track of all the appointments for all the officials. Visitor management solutions with this feature come handy in such a situation! Most of the systems in the market, today, contain this feature. Whenever a visitor approaches the front desk for appointment, the camera captures his facial details. An ID card is created for the visitor and the information is passed to the officer concerned. The officer concerned reverts back with his response; whether he would like to accept or decline the appointment. Based on his response, the front desk executive permits the visitor to enter the premises. In an office, many computers are interconnected through LAN (Local Area Network). Data from one computer is easily accessible to another. Appointment management is, thus, easily manageable with the help of a visitor management system.

Apart from appointment management, checking the entry of undesirable individuals is equally important. Many times, certain individuals try to cause trouble in the premises. Many individuals have a history of nuisance making. Certain individuals may have caused trouble in the past. Offices may not wish to entertain such visitors again. Access to such individuals can be denied with the help of visitor management solutions. A separate category of black listed candidates can be created in this equipment. Such individuals can be grouped in this category. Next time if an individual from this group visits the premises, an alarm will sound. Security personnel can, then, take necessary action against the individual. Banned individuals can be kept at a distance with the help of this feature. It helps in maintaining peace and harmony inside the office premises.

Modern visitor management systems have more advantages than the ones mentioned above. Detailed reports of all the visitors can be generated. It is a must in places having many visitors. Visitor management system collects the details of the visitors and creates an ID card for them. This ID card can be printed as hard copy or kept in soft copy format. This card enables the visitor to roam about in the premises. The application ensures that the premises remains secured. It enhances the safety of the people working in the office. Visitor management system makes the world a safer place to stay!

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