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             10 June, 2023

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Why You Really Need a Comodo SSL Certificate

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2011-03-13 01:14:31     
Article by Stephen Smith

The Internet has become the way of life as it embeds and integrates itself as a major part of our lives – personal and professional. Many businesses have gone the electronic route of interaction with their clients and accept online payments to create a faster business model. But all that glitters is not gold. The Internet is infested with malicious code that seeks to grab your sensitive information that changes hands when you do online business. The information interchange includes credit card numbers, passwords, and much more, and to add to the situation any good computer programmer can extract the contents in seconds. Therefore to add to the security level of all online business transactions there is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which ensures security of the information that passes through your browser as it gets encrypted with strong encryption algorithms en route to its destination.

The Comodo SSL Certificate is a one of its kind SSL security certificate that not only supports all major client-side Internet browsers but also supports all server-side technologies including Apache, IIS, and other popular Internet servers. By adding a Comodo SSL certificate you not only ensure totally secure client communication but also can rest assured that all online shopping transactions that take place on your business website are secure. This one course of action simply makes your online shopping website more secure by adding a guaranteed secure payment gateway system.

There are many advantages of using the Comodo SSL certificate for your online business site. First and foremost is the role that the SSL security certificate is to encrypt and protect all passwords, credit card details, bank statements and much more sensitive data from being hacked or intercepted. The encrypted data can only be decrypted with a special algorithm in combination of a special decryption key. Thus these algorithms make it very hard for the hackers to decode the information even if they manage to intercept the sensitive information, therefore, ensuring the required confidentiality of the private details.

There are other benefits that ensure a secure online business as a result of implementing a Comodo SSL Certificate. They are as follows:

1) With an online SSL security certificate like the Comodo SSL certificate you can communicate a message to your online customers that your business respects their privacy and information and therefore all transactions are completely secure and this will attract more prospective customers and build trust in your business name.

2) You have nothing to worry about in terms of your client confidentiality details as everything is managed by the Comodo SSL certificate which keeps every business detail absolutely secured and confidential.

3) Having an SSL Security Certificate for your online business website gives you a clear edge over your competitors as people tend to choose security over everything else when it comes to online business transactions.

4) From a customer’s point of view your website looks more legitimate and genuine when you show the Comodo SSL certificate application seal on your website. The customer feels more secure and this imparts complete trust in your web application when site users see the SSL security certificate sign on your website.

5) Last, but certainly not the least, you get to achieve your business targets more efficiently. Since people seem to build trust in your online business website your business gains popularity and this is followed by an increase in sales which is your target at the end of all.

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