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             31 March, 2023

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Embrace The Culture Of Rajasthan On Your Desert Holiday!

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2011-03-12 01:36:44     
Article by Aalia Khan

What do Elizabeth Hurley-Arun Nayyar have in common with Russel Brand-Katy Perry? Well, their choice of wedding destinations for starters! It seems like celebrities and the fabulously rich and famous all over the world are all heading over to the glorious desert state of Rajasthan to celebrate the most important days of their lives. What is it about this beautiful state in India that attracts not only the super- wealthy but also the regular, everyday people who throng in hundreds to Rajasthan every year? The answer, in a nutshell, is this: the culture of Rajasthan. Spanning over a thousand years, the culture and heritage of Rajasthan have made it one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world.

There is no place like Rajasthan when it comes to having a universally recognized, completely unique and absolutely irreplaceable or ineffable identity. From the glistening golden sands and majestic mountains in the background to the camels and elephants walking serenely on the roads everyday, from the good humored local people dressed in bright outfits and jewelry to the spicy, finger-licking good cuisine of the state, from the dazzling dances to the haunting folk music, the culture of Rajasthan is amazing, inspiring and a must-have experience for one and all!

When we talk about the culture of Rajasthan the first thing that comes to mind is the music and dance of the state. Every region in this state has its own unique dance form and music style. when it comes to dance performances, the Kalbeliya dance of Jaipur and the Ghoomar dance of Udaipur are famous all around the world. Equally popular is the fire dance performed by the Jasnathis. Dance performances are medley of vibrant costumes, breathtaking moves and fluidity and rich background music. The musical arts of the state are also just as famous. Folk music is a cornerstone of the culture of Rajasthan. The haunting songs tell tales of the heroic achievements of the Rajputs, the grand times of the royal courts and the stunning love stories. Religious and devotional music is also very popular in the region. The Ektara and the Sarangi are the two most loved and used musical instruments in Rajasthan.

Another aspect of culture in Rajasthan is the omnipresent art and architecture, to be found in every aspect of life in the state. The place is known for its grand palaces, temples and forts and beautiful ruins. These architectural wonders offer a window into the past and are also a visual delight. The identifying traits of architectural culture in Rajasthan is the presence of delicate carvings of the structure walls and the beautiful decorations, as seen at the Dilwara Temples, the City Palaces and the various Havelis.

When it comes to art culture, Rajasthan is a storehouse of talent and beauty. Colorful art defined by tie and die motifs, block prints, zari gold and silver embroidery and the use of bright and lively colors is a trademark of Rajasthan. The arts and crafts of the state are also a part of the immense shopping opportunities presented to tourists. Pottery, carpets, furniture, fabrics, precious and semi-precious stones, leather goods, and goods made from brass, glass, ivory and lac are glorious examples of the arts and crafts culture of the state.

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